Which pod/capsule coffee machine should you choose?

A lot of people basically cannot start their day without the instant energy boost provided by a great tasting, fresh cup of coffee. Nowadays will be a nice time to be a coffee lover as there now exist many kinds of different machines that can deliver you your coffee promptly, and at the same time provide a delicious brew.

At the moment, capsule of pod coffee machines that brew a single cup of coffee are one of the hottest trends: saves you time, money, and you don’t have to throw out the unfinished half a pot when it goes cold. But selecting the right machine for you can be a bit tough, so read on to know about three of the most popular single serve machine brands and what they have in store for you.


Presently there are five different machines manufactured by Bosch that carries the Tassimo name. Each are provided with its specific set of price points and features, but are generally the same. The T-Discs, as what the single serve pods used by these machines are known, come in a wide assortment of styles and flavours. And thanks to the INTELLIBREW system that it has in place, the Tassimo has been prevalently promoted in the market as a “smart” coffee maker.

Here’s how it works: the machine reads the barcode on the T-Discs and can tell what kind of beverage you are making (whether it’s coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, or something else).

It will then fiddle with the temperature settings accordingly and voila! You get yourself a wonderfully perfect brew. The Tassimo is a great machine for those who don’t want to tinker with the settings but still be able to have a great selection of drinks at their fingertips.

This machine is delightful enough with its range of drinks available, from the straight and strong black coffee, to latte, tea, hot chocolate, and even iced coffee beverages.

One of the best selling Tassimo machines is the T32 TAS3202GB by Bosch, check out the latest deal on Amazon here.


Nespresso machines are definitely designed for the experienced espresso, latte and cappuccino drinker as it offers 13 varieties of blended coffee with different roast and strength level. This is evidently visible in the large number of machines that they have available, many of which are intermediately commercial grade. The Nespresso machines are a little more complex than the Tassimo, but you would sort of expect that, given what it does.

The designs of the machines have a definite retro vibe, which would actually make them a real talking point in your home. And if you can afford it, some of the models come with its own milk frother, which is well worth it.

If you are one who’s into making a bit of a design statement and great coffee to go with the style, the Nespresso may be the best machine for you.

One of the best selling Nespresso machines is the Krups Pixie Nespresso Machine.

One downside about Nespresso is that the capsules are only sold by Nespresso itself, you can’t find them in the supermarkets.

Dolce Gusto

Nescafé, being a company that has been around for years and is a very much a trusted name in the world of coffee, was the one which come out with the great line-up of Dolce Gusto machines, although in a somewhat different way from the other two. They offer single serve capsule machines that are either automatic or manual, which essentially means you can choose a machine that allows you to set such things as strength of flavour and temperature, or get to choose one that does it for you.

This is ultimately the best of both worlds for coffee lovers, who may in fact get a kick out of having one of each kind. As what may be expected, there are a ton of coffee flavour assortments you can choose, and Nescafe have designed their coffee pods to bring the goods in a way that will leave you very contented and satisfied with your morning cup of coffee.

It is a delight how you can change the strength of coffee on the ‘manual machines’ and this can give you greater control over your drinks. Tassimo does not offer a machine that you change the strength of the drink, as they are automatically created; but if you prefer this, Dolce also offers an ‘automatic’ machine (when shopping for the machine, you will see in the title whether it’s manual or automatic).

Check out one of the best selling Dolce Gusto machines : Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3.

Comparing the 3 capsule machine brands

With Dolce Gusto, as opposite to Nespresso, you can taste several other beverages, like Nestea and Nesquik, and their combinations between them and coffee, and all other varieties of coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, and their lighter versions.

It is a complement to Nespresso, as Nespresso has focused its product to all the coffee gourmets, delivering 13 fixed varieties of blended coffee, several temporal offers of origin coffees, and, from time to time, special variations with aroma flavours, like vanilla, almond, cinnamon and so on. You can check out my coffee pods comparison review here.

Also, Dolce Gusto capsules can be bought at the grocery stores and supermarkets, but Nespresso capsules are only sold by Nespresso itself.

Others view Tassimo as a sort of a combination of Dolce Gusto and Nespresso, both offering a good shortage of coffee varieties – cappuccino, macchiato, coffee,  and latte among others including several other beverages well supported by brands like Twinings for tea, Côte d’Or and Milka for chocolate, crème brûlée and tiramisu.

The coffee is also provided by brands like Kenco, Saimaza,  Carte Noire, and Maestro Lorenzo and since 2010, Starbucks.

Do you want a proper Espresso or a large selection of drinks?

Selecting the perfect capsule coffee system that will suit your needs and style is indeed a bit tricky. But in case you’d want to be the owner of a single serve pod coffee machine, you should recognize that you will pay more for every coffee. However in return you will obtain always the same quality coffee. You will forget how to load a coffee machine and how to clean it too.

Last but not least, you will keep a big choice of coffee varieties at home, to offer to your guests or just to cover all the tastes of your family.

Tassimo is usually selected because it offers a wide choices of tastes and beverages aside from its multi-functionality. Tassimo capsules are likewise available in supermarkets and groceries (with Nespresso you have to register to their webpage, Nespresso Club, and put your orders there). The main con of Tassimo, though, is that at 3.3 bar pressure, it is not enough to deliver the best espresso coffee.

For those who take their coffee with a lot of sugar, the best choice is between Tassimo and Dolce Gusto, because of its multi-functionality and it is presumed you really don’t mind on the quality of the coffee.

But for those who want a real exclusive coffee system with a big scarcity of well-designed coffee machines, you definitely should choose Nespresso.

So, which capsule coffee machines do you choose? Leave a comment below and tell us which one do you prefer.


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