These Christmas coffee blends are the reason why I love Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching our doorsteps and so does the coldness and chill in the air. As you excitedly wait for Christmas Day to come, you can spend the cold nights and days with a hot and delicious coffee that can surely take the chill out of your system. There is nothing more enjoyable than these delicious blends of Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast, Brown Bear Christmas Blend Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Barnies Coffee Kitchen Santas White Christmas Ground Coffee, Grumpy Mule Coffee Beans Christmas Coffee, and Whittard Chelsea After Dinner Coffee Kilner.

Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast

Tasting notes: bold, spicy & caramelly with hints of jolly

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Each year, we just love to experience any of Starbucks’ seasonal offers. There is nothing classier and more enticing than Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast. This blend surely will bring out the coffee lover in you and will definitely satisfy you. The aroma it carries won’t let you forget the pleasant feeling. This is a coffee blend picked from high quality beans by experts in order for you to have a coffee that you will definitely enjoy.

Its taste is exquisitely notable – a taste that would make you glad you have chosen this blend. The beans are ground so amazingly fine and the fragrance just wafts through the air like it invites to take a cup for yourself. It is one of the few fine things in life that both your taste buds and nose can appreciate: a superb taste of coffee and the relaxing scent that can make the bad things go away. This blend is good also for sharing with friends and family, though it is also a great coffee if you are alone. This Espresso Roast can make a lonely night day or forlorn day worth spending and enjoying.

Brown Bear Christmas Blend Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Tasting notes: smoky

With all the rush hours and busy schedules, stopping for a moment and taking a short break from all the tiresome things is a best spent when you are sipping a coffee blend, which can bring your taste buds into its own heaven and your nose into intoxication. If you are a lover of good ground coffee then this blend definitely cannot be overlooked and a must-try for you all, whether you are an enthusiast, a critic or just a person who wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee.

An impeccable coffee best served when hot especially on a cold day or chilly night. A coffee blend chosen with great scrutiny from only high quality hard beans, which will certainly make you feel that this coffee blend is just right for you. For a low fat, caffeinated ground coffee, this blend is healthy, is truly a gentle touch from heaven onto your taste buds, and is good for those who wanted to appreciate the day and bring warmness into the coldness of the winter air or even just on ordinary days. Every sip of this coffee is a glimpse into the heaven for coffee lovers.

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Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Santa’s White Christmas Ground Coffee

Tasting notes: Creamy, smooth & rich

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Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Santa’s White Christmas ground Coffee is a perfect coffee blend for any occasion, even just for chilling with friends, families, or even alone anywhere and anytime. This is the kind of coffee that you can call the coffee for the soul. This gives you the essence of relaxation and good vibes even in the midst of the busy streets and of the sight of people rushing about their own hectic lives. It is a perfect coffee blend to give warmth in addition to its luxuriously pleasant taste that is sure to be enjoyed by many. This rich, creamy and smooth coffee is something worth sharing and taking alone or with companions.

A coffee with a slight hint of bitterness and with amazing flavours and aroma of sweet caramel, vanilla and nuts will no doubt give you the break you wanted. There is no way you cannot delight yourself in this simple yet amazingly pleasurable coffee blend, which tastes and smells great. With the amazing aroma that will help you bring into your inner peace and for every sip is guaranteed to give a sense of fulfilment and contentment.

Grumpy Mule Coffee Beans

The fast-paced lifestyle is good and all but taking a break every now and then is good not only for our bodies but the soul as well. For these breaks, it is more gratifying if you pass it by having a cup of coffee but not just any kind of coffee, it must be something really worth your while. The best and highly recommended coffee blend for that would be the Grumpy Mule Coffee Beans. Your hard work deserves more than just a simple reward; give yourself this coffee blend that can make you taste buds dance from the luxuriously delicious taste and the nose a treat from the aroma that can surely wipe the fatigue away. In addition, if you wanted something to go with your coffee, then there is nothing to worry for this is a best partner for your cookies, muffins and any treats you can think of. This Christmas and in any occasion, have something to enjoy. You can never ask for more with this affordable organic coffee blend.

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Whittard of Chelsea After Dinner Coffee Kilner

Tasting notes: Luxuriously strong and rich

Made from 100% ground Arabica coffee, the Wittard of Chelsea After Dinner Coffee Kilner can take your stress away from the holiday rush. Reward yourself with the comfort you deserve. The lavishly strong aroma and rich flavour of the ‘After Dinner’ coffee and the coffee kilner jar adds to its luxurious feel. The kilner jar can be a great gift for a friend, family or yourself, something lovely that is really worth keeping. Savour every cup with unforgettable aroma and marvellous taste that these omni-ground and darkly roasted coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia can give. Whether you want to spend some time alone or to go with a friend, this coffee can make every moment memorable. Pair this with your favourite pastry or any dessert, cheese, or liqueur. Simply follow the preparation instructions and adjust according to what suits your taste to enjoy the flavour and wonderful aroma of this blend.

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