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Moka coffee maker is a coffee pot that needs to be used on a stove-top. Originated from Italy, they are now being used globally to produce a fine strong coffee. The history of coffee makers starts with the cultivation of coffee bean since middle of 15th century. The early coffee makers were just like a pot or pan to boil water. Modern coffee makers, is an evolution of that simple pot. “Moka” is a modern form of coffee makers used in early 18th century, designed by Alfonso Bialetti, an Italian aluminum worker.

The brewing mechanism is based on steam pressure technology. The steam builds up pressure in the pot that helps to dilute coffee. This technology is used to get intense flavor. It produces a dark and strong conventional coffee, that’s why sometime people used to call it poor man’s espresso. Though, it produces coffee on lesser pressure than Espresso.

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Conspicuous Features

Moka coffee makers are available in different sizes from one to eighteen 50ml cups. It is mostly made up of aluminum, though stainless steel pots are also available in the market. It is desired to be left some of residue of coat of oily coffee for better taste of coffee when they are made up of aluminum, as it protects the metal to mix.

Treasure the past

Over more than eighty years of invention, Moka is still stands distinctively with modern coffee makers. It uniquely recognize with it techniques to produce delicious coffee. It was the best choice of wealthy people of Italy at that time. It has not changed a bit since then. These Italian coffee machines are an ideal choice to enjoy a supreme cup of coffee still nowadays.

Understand the art of Moka

It is not less than an art to make a cup of coffee in Moka. The whole equipment is made up of aluminum or stainless steel along with some rubber rings to protect vapors leakage. It uses layered technology that includes three chambers.

Kettle or Boiler

The kettle is a kind of pot which resides at the bottom of coffee maker


It is middle part of equipment which is like a filter that holds the ground coffee

Coffee collector

The topmost part of the equipment that is use to collect final productpisa

Kettle holds the plain water that is used to make coffee, while the filter holds the ground coffee on top of it. The coffee collector is just like a pan for collection of coffee. The water is heated by electricity or stove in the kettle which releases vapors that dilute ground coffee. Then pressure goes on building till the valve of the uppermost chamber “coffee collector” opens and receives vapors and finally is the finest dark and strong coffee.

How To Use The Moka Maker

If you are crazy about Italian coffee, here’s the cheaper alternative instead of going around the coffee shops to buy it. Just follow some simple steps and enjoy a cup of traditional Italian un caffè (the Italian way of saying single espresso). We have found a very good coffee recipe here.

• Put plain water in the kettle or boiler keeping an eye on safety level.
• Fill out the filter with quality coffee ground coffee. Do not press it and fix it in the kettle.
• Put coffee collector over the kettle and twist to fixed end. Heat up using stove to boil water.
• Use low heat to boil the water.
• Take out coffee collector from the stove when you hear sound of “gurgle” from the pot.
• Put the drink in the cup and enjoy.

Tips of making a perfect cup

It is simple to make this Italian coffee, but if you want make a perfect cup, make sure you use the coarse grind ground coffee and do not overheat the coffee as it will leave a bitter flavor.

How Does It Compare To Other Machines

There are thousands of coffee makers in the market ranging from percolators to bean-to-cup machines. Moka coffee maker has its own recognition in all. Here are the reasons why you may want to get one of these metal pots:

  • They are considered as cheap coffee maker and are heavy-duty equipment as compared to modern machine.
  • These Italian espresso makers are completely made up of metallic body which gives you a antique feel.
  • Coffee does remain warm for a longer period of time than others like French Press.
  • It is very simple to make coffee than other automatic electric machines.
  • The frequency of re-usability of residue left in pan is greater than others.
  • The maintenance of these makers is very simple and cheaper as compare to other.
  • They are available in numerous sizes for user continence.
  • The wastage proportion is very small as compare to others, like pod coffee.

The best thing is, these coffee makers give your home and your taste buds a traditional Italian experience.

Bialetti ME-3 Coffee Maker In-depth Review

A nice rainy afternoon would be with a good book and a good cup of coffee. However, a perfect afternoon would translate to an action-packed book and a cup of delicious Italian coffee. If you’re one of those people who favor a perfect afternoon over a good one but couldn’t afford to go to Italy or to a coffee shop because you are being a little tight on the budget, then I have some wonderful news.

Bialetti, the exclusive brand of moka express machine in the world, has the perfect coffee maker for you. With the Bialetti Moka Express 3 Cups Coffee Maker, you can experience the traditional way of making delicious Italian coffee without booking a flight to Italy.

Coffee Machine Made In Italy

It’s got a chic appearance as well as a vintage look that would make it very perfect for garden parties or during those times when you just feel like looking back to the medieval times. It’s made of sleek metallic aluminum material so rust is your biggest enemy here. Using a percolator is the traditional Italian way to make coffee, and I just love the authentic Italian coffee this percolator makes -in my opinion,  it tastes much better than the coffee made by electronic machines.

This coffee maker is easy to clean but do avoid using dish washing soap. The size 3 cup version of this 8 sided beauty is 14 x 10 x 17 centimeters, weighs 662 grams and its water tank holds approximately 140 milliliters. It can make three espresso cups but you can opt for a larger pot which can make as many as six cups.

You can put the pot on a gas stove because the base of the water reservoir is made of thick material which means it doesn’t heat up fast and doesn’t get damaged easily. However, if you’re not too comfortable with using a stove, it is also plausible to put it on top of an induction cooker.

Another great thing about this Italian coffee maker is that it’s got available spare parts which are available and replaceable. This means that if ever some parts get broken, you can easily purchase replacement parts change the faulty ones. This will help make the coffee maker last longer.

It is also very easy to use so when you decide to buy this, which I’m sure that you will, making coffee will be hassle free on your part.

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What’s The Catch

A lot of users have complained about how it only makes three espresso cups so if you really drink a lot of coffee, just choose the six cup. Some have also complained about leaks but it can be solved by proper handling and frequent maintenance.

If you’d like to experience how Italians make a cup of strong delicious coffee, try this coffee maker by Bialetti. Even if the instructions say not to grind the coffee too finely, be sure to grind it finer than instructed to achieve the rich taste of an espresso. In cleaning this coffee maker, be sure to just rinse it with water.

The Milky Mukka Express!

]Now, here’s the latest technology from Bialetti – the Mukka Express. This patented stove-top cappuccino is the first in the market and it allows you to make caffè latte or cappuccino rather than just espresso and you don’t need to forth milk yourself. The best thing of this Mukka is that there is a cow print version and we just fall in love with it!

So how does it work? When heating up the Mukka Express, it produces steam pressure which passes through the milk and creates milk froth.

The instruction is similar to a normal Moka apart from the bit where you put the milk in:

  1. Add water in the bottom chamber
  2. Fill the filter basket with ground coffee (remember to use fine grind)
  3. Attach the bottom and top chamber altogether
  4. Add milk in the top chamber
  5. Now if you want cappuccino, push down the pressure button at the top of the lid
  6. If you want latte instead, release the pressure button
  7. Finally you just need to turn on the hob and wait

Compared to an espresso machine, the Mukka is not expensive at all. It is easier to clean and it takes less space in your kitchen. The cappuccino quality is very good and this can definitely give you the authentic Italian coffee experience at home.

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To sum up:

Pros: Durability is a characteristic that makes this coffee maker brilliant; a great way to recreate the traditional method of making Italian coffee.

Cons: There’s a little bit of leakage on the sides but this doesn’t affect the richness of the coffee it makes.

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