The 3 best filter coffee machine with timer between £50 to £100

Coffee is enjoyed both hot and cold and it is a beverage which knows no language, color or race. Everyone enjoys it and without it, the world would be a very different place. Some people just cannot function fully and effectively without a cuppa in the morning and in the afternoon. Coffee is a multimillion dollar industry and it will continue to be in the years to come.

If you would like to be able to at least prepare a decent cup of coffee at home, you need a good coffee maker or coffee machine. There are various brands and models sold today but this does not mean you should just go to the store and purchase the first one you see. There are many things to consider, including your budget, type of coffee which you wish to prepare, amount of coffee you with to prepare, and the features which you want in a machine.

Assuming you have all gone through the things mentioned above, here is a list of the 3 best filter coffee machines with timer which are worth spending money on.

Bosch TKA 8651

The Bosch TKA 8651 comes with a dual heating system the can brew as much as 8 cups of coffee (click on the picture to see the reviews and latest price). The “volume automatic” control works for optimal aroma even when you are just brewing for small quantities. The timer and memory clocks allow you to have perfect cup in the morning without having to wake up early. It also allows you to have the perfect cup anytime you want.

The water tank is transparent which makes the water level perfectly readable on both sides. The auto shut-off after brewing also ensures that you do not waste energy.

Morphy Richards Café Mattino 47070

This stainless steel filter coffee machine is sleek and fast but is quite large in size so it is not as easy to store (click on the picture to see the reviews and latest price). It has a 12-cup capacity which allows you to make several cups in just one go so you can cater to the entire family or to a group of friends. The filters are very easy to clean so you do not spend a long time making sure that it is tidy. The Morphy Richards Café Mattino also comes with an anti-drip device so there is no mess whatsoever.

If you want to drink your coffee later, you need not worry about it being cold. The heat-resistant carafe and thermostatic hotplate will keep your coffee hot.

Russell Hobbs 19170 Heritage Coffee Maker

Russell Hobbs is another name which is synonymous with reliability (click on the picture to see the reviews and latest price). This Heritage range coffee maker has also been very popular and does not disappoint. You can prepare an excellent cup of coffee with ease thanks to a range of features. The programmatic timer allows you to prepare coffee without difficulty and the drip stop valve lets you continue brewing your coffee while you are pouring it.

Cleanup is never a chore thanks to the removable filter basket and easy-clean control panel.  The water level indicator also allows you to see if you need to refill.

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