Tassimo suny (T32) coffee machine review (Bosch TAS3202GB)

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The Tassimo Suny is another marvelous product of this technological age. The Bosch Company brings forth a kitchen revolution by making a stylish, tiny yet fast coffee maker. It is made at its best to not only quench your thirst, but also to do it quick and steaming hot with sweetness. This coffee machine that has been created to use Intellibrew Technology, not only brews variety of drinks but also does so quickly, what can be said as “Expresso”. Like any other machine, though, the Bosch coffee maker in itself has cons. However, consumers’ review that its effectiveness outweighs the minor flaws and is far much more worthwhile.

User Rating: 3.4 (22 votes)

The Design

Updated: March 13th, 2021

The Tassimo Suny is designed to come in quite a tiny size, deeming it economic in space and can so fit into any kitchen space. It, therefore, does not lock out people in single-roomed houses. This makes it popular and not surprising to find one even in a toll booth!

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Unlike previous models, it is designed with an adjustable cup stand. This enables consumers to use various cup sizes, from large coffee mugs for lovers of the drink to small tea cups. In other words,it takes to high interest the varying quantities demanded by the population, catering for both extremes,that is.The appearance of the machine is attractive to see and hold.It is given a magnificent finish that distinguishes it from the rest, even more advantageous to own.

This coffee maker has a removable water tank with a capacity of 0.8 litres. This is so to boost the convenience of refilling the water since it can be easily removed, unlike other coffee making machines.It is indeed stylish given to its sleek design. It has a quite compact shape and comes in very attractive colors-midnight black and twilight fog or silver, glossy look. It completely spices and classes any space it is in, adding to its many pros.

The Main Feature

Tassimo Suny is fitted in with Intellibrew Technology. First off, it has a smart start button that sets going the preparation of the beverages the moment the cup pushes against the front of the machine.

In addition, this smart technology makes use of information in the barcode of each T DISC to get the correct amount of water, the precise duration and the appropriate temperature required to brewing an exceptional blend of a sweet drink.

The Tassimo Suny is programmable in that the user can regulate the amount of beverage delivered by simply regulating the amount of water into the cup through each pod. This makes it convenient to suit the consumers’ needs since they can customize it.


Though its level of electricity consumption is low of about 3.3A, the Tassimo Sunny has an energy saving mode that automatically switches the machine off after a brew to save energy.

High coffee quality

The quality of the coffee that it brews is high. It takes to point to offer an appropriate strength of the beverage and keeps it steaming, in fact, users commented back to admit on the sweetness of the drinks and the hotness that makes it not necessary to warm the beverage once more. The most outspoken goodness of this machine is its fastness. Tassimo brew in a flash and is better than waiting for a kettle to boil.It makes drinks in a giffy. It is mucho gusto, expresso! No other definition.

Stylish and compact

Tiny little machine occupies  little space. There is no excuse for not having it. Tassimo is very stylish. Cute as it is, adds as a décor in your kitchen.It also is widely exchanged to friends and family as the perfect present to start a home. The machine is easy to clean and hardly makes messes on the workspace. With only the use of a cleaning disc inserted, the Tassimo is ready for another brew.

Customized program

It can be customized and programmed too to suit the consumer’s need for the amount of coffee delivered by the machine.The smart technology it uses is also proven effective in producing high-quality brews. With the availability of internet connection all over it is not hard to search for information about this magnificent machine. It is advisable to search for information and compare the performance of Tassimo Sunny with others.

The machine is quite easy to set up and use.

The Tassimo capsules have got a lot of packs, flavours and pods to choose from, such so that the consumer has coffee, coffee and coffee in various tastes.


The Tassimo also has its cons, though minimal.The machine makes relatively more noise than other coffee making machines. This has shown to be a slight nuisance in some consumers’ point of view.

The price of purchasing the T Discs is quite expensive. With the 16 capsules pack going at $10, it is argued that such a price can prove to make the discs unaffordable and so the machine.


The Tassimo is a small,stylish coffee making machine. It has a fantastic design of a removable water tank and an adjustable cup stand. Thanks to the Intellibrew Technology feature,it can brew up a sweet hot drink. It is fast since it takes few seconds to brew. This machine has an energy saver mode and is quite easy to use. It comes either in midnight black or twilight fog.


Suggestions And Recommendations

Given that it still has a few flaws, the company should try to get of rid them. The noise levels should be reduced in the next model of the machine and the T discs made more affordable.

This machine is highly recommended since it suits any kitchen space and is really fast. The Tassimo Sunny is a make worth having for any beverage lover.


Tassimo Sunny T32 definitely emerges the best among other coffee machines in the market. Nothing says hot, sweet, quickly brewed coffee like Tassimo Suny. It’s a machine with no regrets to own.

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