Tassimo Machines Comparison (T12 vs T32 vs T55 vs T40)

Loads of people essentially cannot function for the day without the boost given by a fresh cup of great tasting coffee. And with the fast-paced routines everyone is living with nowadays, coffee lovers want their coffee quick – but not jeopardizing the quality, of course.

Currently, there is wide variety of coffee machines that can deliver your coffee as soon as you need it and at the same time supply you a delicious brew, and the one of the presently leading coffee machines are manufactured by Bosch, carrying the Tassimo name.

Right now, Tassimo has a couple of machine models that may be suited for different coffeemaker needs.

Read on to know which Tassimo machine is right for you!

Let’s Compare the Different Models of Tassimo Machines

Tassimo T12

The Bosch Tassimo T12 (full review here) single-serve coffeemaker features a removable reservoir, height-adjustable drip tray, and auto shutoff.

You can choose from two colour choices (Real Black or Snow White), and since it measures just 17 centimetres in width, it can be easily placed even in hard to fit spaces.

Unlike most coffeemakers that have great quality but are usually expensive, the T12 is durable, compact and much more affordable – all the things that you look for in a coffeemaker without having to exceed your budget.

The T12 is small and compact, intended to be easily set into tiny spaces, which is perfect for those who worry much about crowding their kitchen counters and fitting stuff into their cupboards for storage.

Also, even for a relatively small coffeemaker compared to others, it contains the feature that lets you choose from over 35 different drink selections, ranging from latte to tea and even hot chocolate, perfect for those who might have other companions who might not like coffee that much or on days when you’re in the mood for a different kind of drink.

It has an easy to clean removable 0.7 L tank that can make up to 3 to 4 drinks at a time and an energy efficient flow technology to help you conserve energy by heating only the needed amount of water necessary for any specific drink you choose.

It also has an automatic self-cleaning feature, making it ready to make your drink all the time.

The only snag about the T12 is that it can’t make enough coffee for a larger number of people.


Tassimo Suny T32 (TAS3202GB)

The Bosch Tassimo T32 is popularly described as “the quick one”, as it enables you to make your drinks when you need it in a hurry.

Sleek and compact, you can choose from three colour choices Midnight Black, Autumn Red or Pacific Blue making this member of the Tassimo family a stylish space-saver that makes the preparation of your drinks effortless and easy.

The Tassimo T32 (Full review here) features the Smart Start button – you can prepare your drinks by simply pushing your cup against its front or just putting your cup on the stand – and virtually no heat-up time, which means it can brew your drink right away just by popping one T-Disc and pushing the start/stop button.

It has an easily removable and refillable 0.8 L transparent tank that can be replenished by extra water even during operation.

It also sports the energy efficient flow technology and automatically switches to stand-by mode after each brew cycle, and an adjustable cup stand for different mug sizes, which can even be removed completely for very large mugs.


Tassimo Charmy T55 (TAS5542GB)

The Tassimo T55 lets you customize your drink size, as it also features a removable cup stand and can brew your drink of choice in 60 seconds.

It also sports the novel flow heater technology which practically eliminates the heat-up and start-up time – you basically don’t wait for the water to boil anymore.

The T55 (Full review here) also features a built-in Mavea® MAXTRA water filtration system, which effectively reduces the lime scale and chlorine amount in your water, giving you a cleaner drink and a more sanitary brewer.

When not in use, this coffeemaker reverts automatically to stand-by mode and heats up water only on demand, and has an automatic cleaning and descaling program which makes the T55 practically self-cleaning.

Compared to the T12 and T32, the T55 is bigger and thus occupies a larger space in your kitchen (width at 22.1 centimeters), but also enables you to prepare more drinks at a time, with its 1.4L capacity removable water tank.


Tassimo Fedelia T40 (TAS4011GB)

The Bosch Tassimo T40 (Full review here) features fast heat-up time and a large water reservoir (capacity of 2 litres) which allows you to make many drinks without having to worry about making sure to refill it all the time (prefect for serving a large number of people).

It is so easy and safe to operate that even kids can use it, an uncomplicated one button operation system for both ease and performance, and reduces the need to possibly waste a pot just to drink a cup.

It has a cleaning disk that you place in and just run a brew cycle and it simply cleans the coffeemaker.

The Tassimo T40 also does not put you up with the issues most experience with crappy coffeemaker machines, such as not being able to give a full cup and at best, a lukewarm yield – it presents you with an exact amount at boiling hot temperature of the drink you deserve.

Compared to the T55, the T40 is a little bit smaller with a width of 20.4 centimetres but with a much bigger water capacity in a removable transparent tank.

It also sports an adjustable cup stand for different mug sizes (much like the T55 in this effect), a drip tray, and descale warning element.3


Comparison Between the Four Models


In a nutshell, all Tassimo coffeemakers have a specific set of price points and features but generally are the same:

  • They all have the INTELLIBREW system
  • They all reads the bar code on the T-Discs of your drink choice that will then fiddle accordingly with the machine settings to prepare you a wonderfully perfect brew
  • They are all delightful enough with its range of drinks available, from the straight and strong black coffee, to latte, tea, hot chocolate, and even iced coffee beverages.
  • One touch button operation for fully automatic drink preperation
  • They are have energy Saving auto-off function
  • They all heat up so quickly that they virtually have no heat up time
  • They are all within the similar price range (between £49 to £69)


  • Different colours available – T40 (White/Black/White/Red), T32 (Black/Blue), T12 (Black/White), T55 (Black/White/Red)
  • Water tank size – T40 has the biggest water tank whilst T12 has the smallest
  • Only the Tassimo Charmy T55 has the Britawater Filter and Intensify presets
  • Sizes – The Vivy T12 is the smallest out the all
  • Only the Tassimo Suny T32 has the Smart Start button for quick drink preperation
Models Tank size Dimensions Features Price
Vivy T12 0.7L H: 24.9/W: 29.8/D: 16.9
  • 1 Touch Button
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Removable Cup-stand
  • Energy Saving
  • Fast Heat up Time
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Suny T32 0.8L H: 25.1/W: 16.7/D: 30.5
  • 1 Touch Button
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Removable Cup-stand
  • Energy Saving
  • Fast Heat up Time
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Smart Start Button
  • Charmy T55 1.4L H: 32.0/W: 25.5/D: 30.0
  • 1 Touch Button
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Removable Cup-stand
  • Energy Saving
  • Fast Heat up Time
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Britawater Filter
  • Intensify presets
  • Fedelia T40 2.0L H: 31.50/W: 26.5/D: 37.5
  • 1 Touch Button
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Removable Cup-stand
  • Energy Saving
  • Fast Heat up Time
  • Removable Water Tank

  • Finally, we hope you can find the best Tassimo coffee machine for you. Leave a comment below and share your view if you own any of these machines.

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