Staresso Coffee Maker Review

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Portable Coffee Makers

Imagine that you are camping in the hills, it is a cold day, and you are missing your home, your cozy couch, blanket and that hot cup of coffee. Well, you can still make a hot cup of coffee at your camp by using a portable Staresso coffee maker. Yes, you heard it right! Portable coffee makers are now available on the market. These game-changing coffee makers should be on your next shopping list because they really are on a whole new level. What makes them different from other coffee machines is that you can carry these small, handy machines with you wherever you go. You may have even of heard about them if you are a true coffee addict. However, depending on the quality, design, working and price, these portable coffee makers differ from one another.

Staresso Coffee Maker at a glance

The best brand to manufacture the portable coffee maker is known to be Staresso. A Staresssocoffee maker is a super stylish, on the go, mini coffee machine with a unique design. It is a small machine that you can carry anywhere you want, make your favorite kind of coffee, and get that strong hit of caffeine. Additionally, the Staresso coffee maker can make any type of coffee you want to make─be it a simple espresso, a foaming cappuccino, a cold brewed coffee or a milk foam tea. In fact, this machine brews it all, with a rich flavor, lower acidity and no bitterness to speak of.

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Staresso Win on Design

The body of a Staresso coffee maker is beautifully presented, and as they say, “First impression is always the most important impression.” Its stainless steel body makes you believe in its excellent quality just from a glance. All the parts of the machine are beautifully designed with a premium quality. Apart from that, the Staresso coffee maker comes in three amazing colors; black, green and pink.Additionally, the machine comes in a strong, boxed packaging so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged during transport.

Small Weight Makes the Staresso coffee maker portable

Its lighter weight makes it easy to carry on the go. It weighs just 508g. Besides for that, you don’t need to carry any power supply or batteries to run the machine. It is completely manual, and an easy to use machine which brews coffee in an instant.

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The Staresso is easy to get Working

The Staresso coffee machine’s functions are incredibly easy to learn. It works as a manual hydraulic pump to increase the pressure which makes it compatible to the other professional espresso machines. The working pressure is normally 15-20 BAR. If you want to make a simple espresso, just fill the right amount of ground coffee into the stainless steel coffee basket, put the coffee basket into the cap underneath the top structure, fit together all the parts, fill the water chamber with hot water, and just start pumping the machine to get a perfect cup of espresso.

Or, if you want to make a foaming cappuccino, replace the ground coffee basket with the milk frother, fill the water chamber with hot milk, start pumping the lever, and, that’s it! You get a hot, foaming cup of cappuccino just like that. Most coffee addicts like to drink cold-brewed coffee in the summers. To make a quick, cold brew, just add ice cold water to the water chamber and repeat the process until you get a perfectly cold, brewed cup of coffee. Similarly, you can make a French style coffee or a milk foam tea with this cute little machine. You can use both the ground coffee or coffee capsules in the coffee basket, according to your preference and convenience.

Cleaning: The Staresso is So Simple

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes we feel lazy. Cleaning household appliances can be difficult, but we have to clean them anyway. Coffee machines, in particular, need a lot of maintenance and cleaning. But the Staresso coffee machine is incredibly easy to clean as it does not require that much cleaning. You just need to clean out the coffee ground basket each time you use it. Besides that, all the parts are detachable, so they can be cleaned easily whenever needed. You may need a bottle brush to clean the inside of the coffee machine, however.

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Staresso Coffee Maker Pros

  • It is a portable, easy to carry machine.
  • Has a very stylish design.
  • No need for batteries or a power supply.
  • It is incredibly easy to use.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • It comes in a number of colors to choose from.
  • It is very easy to clean as it does not require much cleaning.
  • It works in an instant.
  • It makes espresso, cappuccino and a quick, cold brew, all in one.
  • It is the size of a mug.
  • It has a lighter weight compared to other coffee machines.
  • It is easy on the pocket.

Staresso Coffee Maker Cons

  • It requires another source for heating the water or milk.
  • When pouring out the coffee, the creamy froth sometimes stays behind in the machine.
  • Some customers complained about the base leaking.

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Verdict – the Staresso Coffee Maker is Portable, Easy to Use, Light

Overall, this product is the best portable coffee maker. The Staresso coffee maker won the Germany Reddot award which is the most authoritative design award in the world.

Therefore, if you work in an office, are a student, or enjoy camping, and need that perfect hit of espresso every once in a while, then the Staresso coffee maker is your perfect companion. There is no limit to the type of coffee you can make, and you can make it anytime and anywhere you want. Its innovative design and small body are extremely attractive, and I completely recommend this product to all of the coffee addicts out there!

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