Should I get the Francis Francis IIIy IperEspresso Y1.1

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Updated: March 13th, 2021

With the Francis Francis IIIy IperEspresso Y1.1 you can enjoy as many espresso for a cheaper price than paying the high street café shop.

Two stage espresso extraction

The eleven pound, advanced, red-colored (comes in black as well) espresso machine is the product worth purchasing. The Francis Francis IIIy Iper Espresso Y1.1 uses its own capsules and it has a two stage espresso extraction, unlike other machines that use only one extraction. The first stage is the hyper-infusion and the second stage is emulsification. The first stage involves infusing the coffee beans with hot water under pressure and the whole process takes place in the capsule’s iperChamber. The second involves emulsification which means mixing two or more liquids that are normally immiscible. The coffee is being passed through the e-valve which creates pressure that forces coffee to combine with oils to emulsify. The result is a very nice espresso – full bodied with a rich crema.

If you are looking for a machine that can make the best espresso shot, this could be the one. In my opinion, the best espresso capsule brands in the market so far are either Illy or Nespresso. I have used both machines before and I prefer the taste of Illy’s coffee but Nespresso has 22 varieties of espresso flavor which is also great.

What features has Illy Y1.1 got

The sleek Italian designed espresso machine has a one touch convenience, as opposed to those troglodyte espresso machines that had you pressing more buttons than a facilitator behind a control panel. Rather you are either a novice or expert when it comes to brewing your own warm beverage the one touch is incredibly user friendly. It has a convenient auto-stop feature that controls the coffee’s cup volume. You can also customise your program setting for your one touch which makes brewing coffee unbelievably easy.

<< This product is no longer available. For a similar current model (available in the US), you can check this out with price on here. >>

Unlike the Francis Francis X7.1, the Y1.1 doesn’t have the pannarello steam wand. So if you want to make latte or cappuccino, you will need to buy separate milk frother. However, when comparing the build quality with other capsule machines in the market, the Y1.1 definitely has a exceptional standard for similar price.

Have you ever encountered a problem when it came to cleaning a coffee maker? The Francis Francis IIIy IperEspresso Y1.1 use capsules rather than coffee ground, just like all the other capsule machines, they are very easy to clean.

Is the Francis Francis Illy IperEspresso Y1.1 worth purchasing?

The espresso machine has been claimed by many who have used it as easy to operate and clean, and produces quick brewing. Another pro for the product is that it’s heavy duty with a metal design, so it retains a heated beverage. The cons that some have complained about is that for a small capsule machine it can be quite noisy when operating. The second downside is that it has a tight water tank that may take time to remove, but it is easy to place back in.

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