Sage Dual Boiler™ by Heston Blumenthal Full Review

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Everybody loves a cup of steaming hot coffee that waits for them in the morning. However, it is just a hassle to go to coffee shops and get caught up in the long lines. That’s why coffee makers are such life savers especially for people who want to avoid long queues.

The Sage Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine was designed by the popular and world-renowned celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal and it is more than just a life saver. It is without a doubt a miracle for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs. With its exciting features, you will have a great time in brewing coffee.

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Features of a High End Coffee Machine

Sage Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

First off, we’ll start with the common features that are present in coffee machines. This coffee maker, like its counterparts has a removable water reservoir for easy water refilling, a cup warmer that lets your coffee stay warm for a longer period of time and a permanent metal filter which saves you from the trouble of constantly replacing paper filters and lets you save a couple of cash as well.

Another attribute that this coffee maker has is the over pressure valve feature. This is a standard feature that almost all high quality coffee machines have. What it does is that it limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, preventing bitter flavours in the coffee. In short, this coffee maker will always guarantee that your coffee is rich and flavourful.

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With the Sage Dual Boiler you have 2 in 1

HestonDualBoiler03With just these features, this coffee maker is already a winner. But it has more features that will surely amaze you. This coffee maker can be considered as “2 in 1” because it has a steam boiler and an espresso boiler in just one unit.

This simply means that this machine has a separate boiler for steaming and brewing. Having a coffee maker that has a dual boiler will bring you a couple of advantages. One of the good things that you can get is time savings.

No More Waiting Between Brewing and Steaming Milk

Having separate boilers for steam and for brewing means that once your machine has pre-heated, it is ready to generate espresso as well as to steam milk at the same time. Most espresso machines in the market use single boiler system. It means that when you start brewing coffee, the boiler get heated up to a certain temperature in order to make a cup of coffee. Then when you switch to steaming milk, because they are sharing the same boiler, you will have to wait for the machine to re-adjust the temperature for milk steaming purpose.

Dual boiler is beneficial for you when making your coffee because there is no gap between steaming milk and brewing coffee. Having to switch from just brewing to steaming is a hassle and it could be quite annoying.

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Consistent Temperature

Another benefit that you can get from this coffee machine’s dual boiler feature is consistency. You know that the temperature in the boiler is consistent all throughout the extraction process, making the coffee turn out to have a uniform delicious flavour. The double boiler also lets you have control over both pressure and temperature in order to brew the perfect espresso.

It also has a true low pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction, which lets you have a smoother tasting coffee. You can also tweak the settings to adjust the temperature in order to suit different types of roasts. You can choose between 86 to 95 degrees Celsius with the pressure changing simultaneously with the temperature, ensuring a perfect and rich espresso.

Frothing milk is also possible with this coffee maker because of its steam wand which instantly delivers steam at 130 degrees Celsius. All the settings are fully configurable and adjustable to suit your personal taste so you can just tweak and fiddle with them with all your heart’s content.

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Other Features

HestonDualBoiler02It has a very large 2.5 litre water capacity and it also comes with a lot of peripherals such as the 480 ml thick walled milk jug, a portafilter with reverse mounted twin spouts, a filter baskets and a precision dose trimming tool called the Razor. Despite its massiveness, it is surprisingly light, making it easier to manoeuvre and move if necessary. It also has an integrated storage for tools and cleaning products.

It also has some quirky characteristics aside from things mentioned previously, like the built in alarm system that allows you to program the time that you want your unit to automatically start brewing.

A Couple of Downfalls of the Sage Dual Boiler

Although the Sage Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine may seem perfect and amazing, it has a couple of downfalls.

The first and most obvious flaw that can be noticed about this coffee maker is its price. It is quite expensive so it is certainly not a recommended buy to those who are not willing to spend more or less 1000 pounds for just a coffee maker.

Its second flaw is its relatively big size. Since this coffee maker has a double boiler, it is reasonably massive, so it is neither suitable nor recommended for kitchens or countertops that only have a limited space. Also because of its size, it will be a little bit hard for its users to fit it in corners and it will prevent you from easily fitting it to any space that you like to place it.

Another flaw is its complicated operation. You can’t just easily plug and use it after you buy it. Plus, it is also one of those coffee makers that need manual de-scaling so you have to exert a little effort in maintaining your unit.

Conclusion on the Sage Dual Boiler

Aside from these flaws, this coffee maker still stands up from its short comings. Even though it’s a little bit hard to set up and operate, Sage will send you one of their technicians to give you a free demonstration on how to use the machine and installation called the “white glove service”.

As you’ll see from our Sage Dual Boiler review, this coffee maker really makes a statement with its sleek and minimalist design and silver finishing plus it has incredible features, making it a really great buy.

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