Review of Philips Senseo HD7810 Coffee Machine – Unique Styling

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Uniquely styled machine producing a great espresso. Uses convenient, biodegradable pods.

I have encountered a lot of coffee machines in different hues, designs and specs during my numerous trips to appliance centres and malls but I have to admit that the Philips Senseo HD7810 is the most unique coffee maker that I have ever laid my eyes on as far as design is concerned. You might also like to look at our review of some of the other uniquely styled Philips coffee machines

It definitely looks nothing like the common coffee maker, which is boring and almost stereotypical. While most coffee makers have a box-like form, the Senseo is shaped like an arced pitcher, making it stand out among my kitchen appliances. It’s fashionable and it has an elegant black scratchproof and smudge-proof glaze.

However, the Senseo isn’t just all beauty and style. It also has high quality features that make my coffee experience a step up from ordinary.

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Douwe Egberts Coffee + Great Brewing = Perfect Morning

philips senseo HD7810 review

For one, it has an automatic brewing system which ensures that the machine will only use the adequate amount of water needed for the drink and that the water will pass through the pods in a consistent manner. Also, it uses coffee pods that are produced by Douwe Egberts, a paramount brand when it comes to roasted coffee.

Because of the teamwork of a great brewing system and a high-class coffee pod, my morning coffee tastes great, perfect and heavenly. Another thing that I like about this machine is its 750-ml capacity, which is equal to 5 cups. This allows me to have more than just one cup and still have some extra to offer my boyfriend and my friends when they come to visit.

I also like the fact that the used coffee pods are biodegradable. I am a great advocate of products that help save the environment so personally I think that this little initiative by Philips and Douwe Egberts deserves a thumb up. Nothing is more admirable than a product that is both satisfactory in performance and in helping Mother Earth. On that same theme, the Senseo will automatically shut off after 1 hour and so you needn’t worry about leaving it on.

Pods are a bit pricey

The only downside to this machine is the coffee pods that it uses. It utilizes pods, which are produced by a premium brand so they are quite heavy on the budget plus these pods are not readily available in some areas. However, they can always be bought from shopping sites for a lower price. What I did in order to save was I bought a refillable pod so I can just fill it with a cheaper ground coffee. It’s not that great tasting as the Egberts pods but still good.

The fact that I got all of these wonderful features for an affordable price makes the Senseo a really great purchase. Just a tip for those who like their coffee very hot: Pre-heat some water with the machine first without the pod. After it’s hot enough, you can insert the pod and let the machine start brewing your coffee.

How to clean Philips coffee machine – Senseo HD7810?

Being a pod machine, there isn’t much to clean after each cup.  The coffee pod holder needs to be emptied each time and if you have any drips then you might want to wipe over the drip tray.  Happily all removable parts of the machine are dishwasher safe. If handwashing, Philips recommend just using regular washing up liquid.

Philips does recommend flushing the machine with fresh water if you haven’t used it for 3 days which makes sense as that’s a fair amount of time for nasties to be able to get a hold in the machine. For all the information about care of your Philips Senseo click through to the US Manual from Philips.

In addition, Philips Saeco does recommend regular descaling (perhaps every 3 months if you use it twice a day on average) using a descaling mixture – for easy to follow instructions from Philips on how to descale your Senseo click the link.

Our Verdict on the Philips Senseo HD7810

Overall for the quality of the espresso provided, and the unique styling, we recommend the Philips Senseo HD7810 for a coffee lover who likes convenience and doesn’t want to follow the crowd in terms of their styling. 

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