Review of De’Longhi EC330S Machine

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Updated: March 13th, 2021

Unlike other espresso machines, the De’Longhi EC330S Machine is a sight to be a hold. With its classy stainless steel material, it can be considered a true beauty. When you use this every day to make your morning coffee, you will surely feel like a true-blooded fancy barista.

Its dimensions are 28 x 35 x 37 centimetres and it weighs more or less 5 kilograms. It’s got a built in and adjustable steam emission pipe and complete with a milk-frothing system. Its coffee filter can make up to two cups, with each cup having a maximum height of 78 centimetres. Not only that! This espresso machine also has a cup shelf for easy storage and a filter holder with crema device for ground coffee and easy serving espresso pods. This is also a pump-driven machine that has a 15 bar pressure. It also has a removable dip tray and removable water tank for easy cleaning.

Coffee Brewed From the Heaven

A prerequisite for a good coffee maker is the quality of coffee it makes. Don’t worry. The De’Longhi EC330S Machine passes that requirement. It absolutely makes heavenly coffee and has a hassle free and easy to use milk steamer. A lot of users have already praised the quality of coffee that this machine makes and a lot have been transformed from being coffee shop regulars into their inner own barista selves because this machine really makes coffee that has the same, sometimes tastier, coffee in shops.

The only downside with this machine is that the pump makes noise when you start making your coffee. However, it doesn’t for long. Some users also complained to have leaks and drips in their models but you can contact the store or De’Longhi for a replacement. Despite the downfalls, it still cannot be denied that this machine really makes great tasting coffee and this will make your money worth it.

Can’t Go Wrong With This Machine

Coffee really works wonders to people. It can help drive our blues away. It can jumpstart our lazy mornings. It helps us feel energized to face the day ahead. It is also a good companion whenever we need to revise for a very long examination. And it also helps us stay awake throughout a graveyard shift. So, it’s imperative that we drink the best coffee that is available in the market. And, the best coffee is only as good as the person or the machine that makes it. That means we have to be smart in choosing coffee makers and machines. And with the De’Longhi EC330S Machine, you can never go wrong.

I don’t know what to love more, the coffee out of this machine or the machine itself. It’s very dependable and the coffee it makes is really great and truly delicious. It’s easy to use, which is a good thing for users because, let’s face it, no one wants to be hassled in getting what we want.

<< This product is no longer available. We will be adding more independent reviews of current models soon to the site.>>

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