Philips Coffee Machine Review

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120 years ago, Philips came in the market with a single light bulb that provided light to billions of people ─ as noted on From then, the company started to innovate ─ from appliances to medical machineries, they really have come a long way. One of the most reputable brands in the market today, Philips, has become a “go-to” if you want guaranteed quality and efficiency and the Philips espresso machines and coffee makers are no exception. Read on for our Philips Coffee Machine review of 4 different models:

Philips has a huge selection of coffee makers. It may be hard to choose at first, but here is a list of models and features to help you decide.

Best for a crowd – Philips HD 7546 / 20

Philips HD 7546/20
         Philips HD 7546/20

If you are looking for a Philips coffee machine that is simple, sleek and efficient, then this filter coffee machine is a good choice. It is perfect for the home and office, as it comes with a thermos jug. One of the benefits of this coffee machine is that it automatically shuts off after brewing. And, even though the machine has shut off, you can guarantee that your coffee will stay hot longer, and still have that delicious aroma. Another feature that makes it a great choice is its drip stop that allows you to stop the brewing whenever you like. It also comes with a cable storage so you don’t have to worry about where to put it. You can be sure that this coffee machine can keep itself or-ganized!

To maintain this coffee machine, you can easily wash it through a dishwasher or do it manually. Don’t worry, because it comes with dishwasher-proof parts to allow users to easily clean the ma-chine. It has a water tank capacity of 1.2L and a water level indicator. However, this machine re-quires the use of paper filters. Also, the black casing around the water gauge may make it difficult to clearly see the exact level of water being poured into it.

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Philips 1200 series – Fully Automatic Philips EP1220 – Compact and Easy to Clean

Philips EP1220 fully automatic espresso machine

For espresso lovers, who particularly appreciate the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans, the Philips 1200 series (including models EP1220 / EP2220 / EP3221) is well worth considering.

The entry level is the Philips EP1220 (priced at around USD500 / GBP450) which is still a fully automatic espresso machine with a traditional panarello style milk frother. It’s fairly compact at 20 x 20 x 15 inches and weighs only 22.5 pounds. Having been available since October 2019, this machine has had the opportunity for any faults to show. Given the fairly consistent user reports of satisfaction and a high rating of around 4.5 stars on Amazon, we think it’s worth looking at.

And yes, you can definitely use fresh beans as this machine comes with 100% ceramic grinders. The entry level EP1220 doesn’t allow the user to choose the strength of your aroma (although this feature is available in the EP220 and EP3221). But there’s still a lot of customisation available as you can choose the coffee length and temperature of your choice. This model features a traditional panarello milk frother unlike the Philips 3200 series which includes the LatteGo.

You can fit up to a 5 inch mug under the spout, or a 6 inch mug at an angle if you want to hold it there. One of the things that make this coffee machine incredibly efficient to use is its intuitive display, making operation easier by showing you everything you need to make that perfect brew of coffee. Additionally, it comes with an auto-rinse, and guides descaling features which contribute to it being low-maintenance. The removable brew group (which is the heart of any espresso machine) makes for easy cleaning and ongoing coffee freshness.

This coffee machine minimizes the chances of needing a refill, allowing you to get that right amount of caffeine into your system through its high-capacity bean, water and waste containers, all in a very compact and sleek design. It is AquaClean compatible too which would allow you to go up to 5000 cups without the need to descale.

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Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7863 (UK only) – Capsule machine, 2 cups at a time

This deep black, coffee pod machine is truly an eye-catcher. It is integrated with the SENSEO brewing system that ensures an excellent cup of coffee with a rich foam layer. It also allows for variations as SENSEO offers various coffee blends and flavours that you can use for this machine.

Brew up to two cups of coffee at the same time with just a click of a button, and you can have your coffee ready in less than a minute. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable drip tray letting you have the freedom to use the cup size of your choice.

In the United States the closest available machine is the Philips Senseo Original XL Coffee Maker. This version brews a cup of coffee in under a minute and is available also in Australia. It’s compatible with Senseo pods giving you many different flavor options. For the latest price on the version available near you, click the link below.

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Philips 4300 series EP4347 – 8 different coffee types, touchscreen plus LatteGo

Philips 4300 series EP4347

Espresso lovers, you’re always in the mood for that glorious cup of espresso, especially in the morning, and this could be just the right coffee machine for you. With this espresso machine, you can use fresh coffee grounds through its 100% ceramic grinder. The grinder isn’t that noisy, so you don’t have to worry about that annoying grinding sound, especially in the morning! You can enjoy up to 8 different types of beverages with this machine.

This model prides itself for its Super-Automatic feature, which allows you to customize the length, strength and temperature for each chosen beverage. You can simply experiment, and who knows, you might just brew something that fits your cravings perfectly.

And, that’s not it, because it also comes with the either the classic milk frother (models EP4321 and EP3221) or LatteGo (EP4347 and EP3241) that dispenses steam, allowing you to achieve that soft milk foam for that perfect cappuccino. The LatteGo is the easiest option given it’s patented tube free design.

Furthermore, you also get to have more room for your coffee as it comes with high-capacity bean, water and waste containers and somehow, fits all of these into a very compact and sleek design (only 9.6 x 11.42 x 14.6 inches and weighing 18.26 pounds). The precise model is not available in Australia but click the link below to check the price of the available model nearest to you.

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Philips Coffee Machine Review Conclusion

These Philips coffee machines have one thing in common ─ they all look aesthetically pleasing. Also, they perform well and depending on your needs, deliver what most users consider is a very good coffee.

Whether you just want a simple brew, or you want more beverages to explore with, you can definitely find something suitable and reading these Philips coffee machine reviews should has hopefully helped. Investing in a good coffee machine can be a bit tricky, but Philips ensures that you get your money’s worth. This brand is perfect for those who want 100% assurance that their coffee machine will provide them with what they need, and that it will last them a long time.

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