Magimix Nespresso Essenza ( Full Review

Updated: March 13th, 2021

Time flies so fast these days and it feels like every time we have to catch up to something. It can get very tiring and sometimes the only thing that could keep us going is a hot cup of coffee. For people like me who have a very active and busy lives, sleep may no longer be the priority and coffee can be my only ally. I sometimes just need that really strong shot of espresso that gets your blood pumping. And I am so glad that I found the Magimix’ Nespresso Essenza.

The Essenza Review

The Nespresso Essenza by Magimix has two of consumers’ favourite terms: affordability and quality. This coffee maker is nothing but small and terrible, in a very good way. It is an automatic coffee maker which utilizes the innovation of Nespresso capsules to brew a variety of coffee blends and flavours.

Compact design

This coffee maker is compact, with dimensions at only 32 cm x 34 cm x 22 cm weighing less than 4 kilograms. Yet it has a 1 litre capacity in case you can’t get enough coffee in your system or if you’re serving for guests in your home, so you will have a continuous and endless flow of coffee.

19 bar pressure

Even with its small size, you can still make high quality coffee comparable to the ones in coffee shops concocted by baristas and industrial machines because the Magimix Essenza has a 19 bar pressure that could produce the perfect crema for your espresso. This perfect amount of pressure also ensures a perfect texture and creaminess of the coffee, so that flavours will blend together nicely and you won’t have a coarse texture for your coffee.

The thermoblock system heat up quickly

Since the Nespresso Essenza is also optimized for convenience, a relatively new technology is incorporated into this mean machine which is the thermoblock system. The thermoblock is a heating element that could give you rapid heat in less than a minute, serving its purpose of not letting customers wait for their coffee any longer. Not only does the thermoblock make your coffee making experience rapid but it also incorporates energy efficient methods of heating up the water.

Power saving mode

Speaking of efficiency, this machine also has a power save mode or feature that allows you to use the machine but consume substantially less amount of energy. These features may seem unimportant until you know that heating appliances make up a sizeable chunk in your utility bills, so this is just another feature that helps you save a substantial amount of money.

Customise your own coffee

We all have different preferences, we want different flavours and we also have limitations on how much coffee we can consume. Just like coffee shops having different sizes of coffee cups, so does the Nespresso Essenza, completing that coffee shop feel in your own home. It has adjustable and programmable settings that allow you to dictate specific amount of coffee you need for specific blends. Magimix manufacturers suggest 110 ml for long coffee and 40 ml for espresso but everything is all up to how you prefer your coffee.

Easy to use

The Magimix Nespresso Essenza also comes with very, very simple instructions in creating coffee. You basically just have to insert the Nespresso capsule of your choice at the top of the machine and press the button on what type of coffee you want, espresso, latte, cappuccino, or others, then your coffee is good to go in just a minute.

Cleaning up is a piece of cake

For the ultimate convenience, the Essenza has a special container that will hold your ejected capsules for a maximum capacity of 14 coffee pods before you need to remove it and empty it out. So, you get to have 14 cups of coffee before you need to clean up instead of picking up empty capsules every morning or every time you get a drink, and since it is contained you basically just have to turn the container upside down above the garbage bin. Since it is very compact and has a very simple design, cleaning the parts would be very easy to do as well as reattaching them to the machine. No hassle at all.


Essenza looks nice in my kitchen

Now that you’ve had the low-down on all the functions and how the Magimix Essenza works, you will be even happier when you see how it looks. It’s already been mentioned that it is a pretty compact coffee maker but not only that, it also looks sleek and modern with a stainless steel finish with black detailing.

It has a rounded top that holds the teardrop shaped spout that releases the perfect coffee. It also has a rounded drip tray that protrudes in front to hold the cup or glass in place.

The backlit buttons for all the automatic programs also go nicely with the modern look in the coffee maker. Hence, not only will the Nespresso Essenza look nice in your kitchen you also get to save a lot of storage and counter space.

The pricing is exactly right for all its features, in fact it’s more affordable compared to some of its counterparts.

<< This product is no longer available. We will be adding more independent reviews of current models soon to the site.>>


How does it compare to the traditional coffee machine

However, if you do use this coffee maker, you also have to commit buying coffee capsules and while it comes with different blends and consistently produces great tasting coffee, they are more expensive than traditional ground coffee beans.

Some people may prefer traditional coffee and not ready-made mixes but customers who have tried Nespresso swear by it and you could easily get used to the awesome flavours and convenience. Also, there may be times that the hot water won’t be hot enough or feel lukewarm for some people or you may find that your coffee cools very quickly with the thermoblock heating system.

All in all, there’s hardly anything to ask for from this product since it already produces great coffee, it presents the ultimate convenience for coffee drinkers, and it is more affordable than when you buy coffee from coffee shops.

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