KONA French Press Review – Still a Favorite

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The KONA french press has been a firm favorite among coffee enthusiasts ever since its invention by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in his small Milan studio in 1929. Over the years, the French press has gone under several design modifications. As each design was refined and further perfected, a slightly better coffee experience was created each time. The KONA French press is the result of this long and arduous process of refinement that began in Milan almost 90 years ago.

The KONA French press is designed and manufactured by Idyllic Homes, a company that prides itself on using only high-quality materials and sustainable production. Since its release, it has quickly established itself as a hot consumer favorite, with hundreds of thousands of coffee fanatics around the globe swearing by the design and quality of the unit.

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So, what is all the hype about, and is the KONA French press really as good as people say it is? Read on to find out.

KONA french press

Why we Love the Design of the KONA French Press 

The KONA French press was designed with two things in mind, simplicity and durability. The design team set about examining the current French presses on the market, and just as has been done in every modification since Calimani’s original design, addressed the key issues that coffee drinkers faced on a daily basis as they made their coffee.

First up, anyone who has owned a French press will know that they can be somewhat fragile. The carafe of the KONA French press utilizes high-grade borosilicate glass, which makes it resistant to any thermal shock, and also much more resistant to cracking from accidental impacts such as dropping. Furthermore, the carafe is well protected by a sturdy, black plastic shell.

This shell serves two purposes; the first purpose is obviously to protect the carafe against chips and cracks. The second purpose is to make the press aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and we agree that it looks absolutely fantastic. It certainly stands out from many of the other blandly designed French presses and adds a degree of class and sophistication to the kitchen countertop. Consumers have reported dropping the carafe hard on the floor and picking it up to find it completely unscathed–not a feature you find in many French presses, and reassuring to know that a drowsy early morning error won’t result in a big smash!

The plastic lid of the KONA press is of HDPE and BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about getting any nasty chemicals infused with your coffee. Inside the press, you get a 3-piece detachable, stainless steel filter system. A good bonus is that the press comes with two extra filter screens which again, reaffirms that this is a product that will last you for a long time to come.

Lastly, the handle is incredibly sturdy, easy to grip, and adds to the visual appeal of the whole press. The KONA French press is certainly something that is built with longevity in mind while also something that will get compliments when you have your friends over for coffee.

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Different Size Options of the KONA French Press

The KONA French press comes in two sizes to make sure that it is suitable for all consumers, whatever size press they are looking for. The larger one is 34oz/1 Litre which we must say is a lot of coffee-approximately 8 cups of tea or coffee, so it is perfect for coffee parties, dinner parties or the in-laws! The more compact version can brew 12Oz/350ml of coffee which is better suited to those who are just after a fast cup in the morning, or those who have a limited amount of counter top space in the kitchen.

The Taste from this French Press

The KONA French press provides consumers with one of the best French Press taste experiences around. This is because the designers have carefully ensured that at no point during the brewing process is the brew exposed to any materials other than the glass of the carafe and the stainless steel of the press.

Many other French press models allow the coffee to come into contact with plastics which can dramatically affect the taste of the coffee. Consumers report that brew after brew, the KONA French press is able to maximize the flavors of the beans.

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Versatility from your French Press

One major bonus is that the KONA French press can also be used to brew loose leaf tea. This makes it an ideal option for those who like to change up their go to drink of choice! Consumers have reported that the tight-fitting press screen in the KONA French press means that it keeps all small particles often found in teas out of the brew. The press is also highly portable, which make it an ideal addition for those who want a coffee solution in the office, on a weekend getaway, or a camping trip.

Easy Cleaning 

Cleaning the KONA French press is an easy process.  As we stated earlier, the designers behind the project really put a lot of thought into all the steps associated with using a French press. All of the parts of the press are dishwasher friendly. Additionally, the large press can be cleaned by hand in under 30 seconds in the sink which really makes it a pleasure to use over a traditional espresso machine or filter coffee machine.

Drawbacks of this French Press

One of the only drawbacks of this French press is that it is not insulated and therefore does not keep the brew warm for any amount of time longer than about 20 minutes. Having said that, tea and coffee is intended to be served fresh, so this point is to be taken lightly unless you like to have hot coffee on demand throughout the day. In that case, perhaps this press is not for you. Furthermore, it would have been nice to see an intermediate size, with only the large 34Oz and relatively small 12Oz options, something in the middle would certainly be a welcomed addition.

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Final Thoughts on the KONA French Press

The KONA French press is creating quite a storm in the coffee world as it attempts to surge to the top of the market as the leading French press. Its innovative design means that not only will it probably be the longest lasting coffee press you ever own, but also probably the most stylish.

It can consistently produce a high-quality brew that reflects the flavors of the bean and nothing else. Although it may not keep your coffee warm for a very long time, the positive attributes of the KONA French press massively outweigh any drawbacks and make it a product worth of its reputation. If you’re looking to invest in a new French press, look no further than the KONA French press.

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