Home Coffee Roaster Machine – Top 6 Things To Consider Before You Buy

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Top tips for buying a home roaster coffee machine in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand

Your ultimate guide to buying the coffee roaster machine of your dreams!

If you wake up in the morning craving a cup of Joe, I can relate with you my friend! We both belong to the category of people who cannot function without this holy bean juice. And yes, we take our coffee VERY seriously! It has to be the perfect bean type, the perfect roast and the perfect coffee machine to brew a cup that breathes life into our souls. 

But even if you have the best espresso machine and the most expensive beans, they will lose their aroma eventually. That’s because roasted coffee beans start losing their rich flavor very soon after they have been roasted. 

So if you are looking for that ultimate coffee experience, you might want to invest in a home coffee roaster and start roasting coffee at home. But what does a perfect coffee roaster look like? What features should it have? What factors should you consider when buying a coffee roasting machine? This guide has been designed to set out the types of things to look for when buying a home coffee roaster machine. So let’s get to it, shall we?

What Type of Coffee Bean Roasting Machine Should I Buy?

home coffee roaster machine - drum roaster on a gas burner
home coffee roaster machine - air roaster electric

So if you are torn between which one to go for, spend a little time thinking about your needs and that will tell you which is the right roaster for you. If you are looking to roast smaller amounts of coffee at a given time (2.5 to 5 oz. of beans) and you prefer a medium or light roast, an air roaster is the best choice for you.
But if you wanAt to roast a large batch of coffee at once (a drum roasting chamber can usually fit 8 to 10 oz. of beans) and you like a rich, dark roast, drum roasters are the one for you.

Your Home Coffee Roaster Machine Should Have a Cooling Feature

Home Coffee Roaster Machines

Another important factor to consider when choosing a home coffee roaster is its temperature control system. After you have roasted the coffee beans, they need to be cooled down quickly. Otherwise, you will end up burning them, and burnt coffee beans will give off a bitter taste. 

So it’s important to get a home roaster that comes with a cooling feature. You can either choose a roaster that blows cool air into the roasting cylinder or one that pushes the beans out into an external tray where they’re cooled down.

The Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Home is Easy To Use

If you are new to roasting coffee and you are looking for a roaster that is best suited for a newbie, you should definitely consider its usability. You need to pick a roaster that is easy to use AND control because you have to be very careful with the airflow and the flame that goes into roasting beans. One little mishap and you’ll end up burning your beans.

So, for people with little experience, roasters that are pre-programmed are the safest option. Just select the desired roasting level and the machine will take care of everything else. You will also need to check what is required to operate the machine. Some roasters need a gas burner to operate (which you have to supply) and yet others are electric and simply plug in to a wall socket. 

Why It’s Important That Your Roaster Should be Easy to Clean 

Another important thing to consider when buying a coffee roaster is how easy it is to clean and maintain in good condition. A coffee roaster needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise your beans would taste funny. 

That is because continuous use makes the smell stay in the roaster. Moreover, the dirt and remains building up in the machine would shorten its life to less than two years.

So when choosing a roaster, make sure it is easy to clean. Its upkeep depends on its design which has to be simple. Don’t opt for any fancy and complex designs unless you want to spend more time cleaning and maintaining the machine. Just pick a basic roaster that gets the job done efficiently. 

Generally, you can clean your roaster regularly with a wet cloth to make sure none of the dust, oil or remains are left behind. However, for a deeper cleaning, you will have to unclog the holes of the cooling tray and empty any chaff container every week. 

How Much Is A Coffee Roasting Machine?

You should definitely be careful with the money you put into a home coffee roaster. If you have little to no experience, don’t just go “all in” when buying a home roaster – you may find you don’t enjoy the process and then end up not using the machine. Also consider how often you’ll use it and how much you’ll roast. Green coffee beans are cheaper to buy than pre-roasted beans – but are the savings worth it over time to you?

Instead, do your research, watch tutorials, even test a roaster if you get a chance and then make an informed purchase decision. Because you will find all sorts of options in the market from a cheap one (around $100) to a really expensive one (upwards of $700) that would empty your pockets.  So be mindful of your budget and choose a machine that gives you maximum value for money.

how much is a coffee roasting machine

How Versatile is the Coffee Roaster Machine Design?

Last but not the least, it is important to note that coffee roasters can roast a lot more than just coffee beans. Yup, that’s right! If you pick a multi-function coffee roaster, it would also roast any kinds of nuts, seeds and popcorn you throw into it. How cool, right?

The roasting process is almost the same. You just need to buy a multipurpose roaster that offers versatility. Not only would that provide maximum value for your money, it will also pop-out some freshly roasted snacks to enjoy with (or without) your coffee!

So What is The Best Home Coffee Roasting Machine ? Final Thoughts. . .

We hope you’ve found this article useful. We’ve tried to set out what we think are the most important factors to consider when you embark on your journey for amazing home roasted coffee. In our experience, you’ll definitely notice a difference in the taste of the final product and as an added bonus you get that amazing aroma of freshly roasted coffee wafting through your home ! 

If you want to be a pro at roasting coffee in your own home coffee roaster machine, you can learn more about the science of roasting coffee beans in The Book of Roast by Roast Magazine. We’ll be reviewing some of the machines available soon so keep an eye out here!