Gaggia Titanium Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review

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Updated: March 13th, 2021

The Gaggia Titanium espresso machine is easy to use and is value for your money. The machine easily surpasses all other automated espresso machines of similar class currently on the market, in terms of usage and durability. Coffee is grinned, brewed and steamed at the push of a button.

The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine Product Features

Digital LCD Display
The display will let you know the status of the machine and simplify the brewing process. It displays instructions letting you know when there is an error, add water, add beans, temperature, pre-grinding, auto off, language, and cup warmer.

Rapid Steam Technology
The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine has two thermal boiler system that reduce wait time for brewing and steaming your coffee. The time taken to brew and steam will be halved, allowing you to have your cappuccinos and lattes much faster than single boiler machines. Having two broilers will eliminate the time you would have to wait for the broiler to be cooled by removing the excess steam and water out the wand.

Removable Brewing Group
The brew group can be easily removed for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the brew group is relatively simple; wash, rinse and let dry. Depends on the frequency of usage, it is recommended that you clean the brew group once each week.

The warmer is located on top of the machine, it holds six espresso cups. The cup warmer is automatically turned on when the machine is on.

Adjust your Espresso
The dial is located inside the bean hopper to the left with seven different dosage setting that controls the amount of coffee that is ground. This allows you to adjust the dosage stronger or weaker to best suit your taste.

Temperature Control
There are five settings used to control the temperature of the coffee, maximum, high, medium, low and minimum. The maximum being the hottest level in temperature range and minimum the lowest.

Bypass Doser
Located at the top front of machine and is used with ground coffee. The bypass is used to brew regular or decaf.

Pre-brew Coffee
Ground coffee is evenly moistened before the brewing begins for a balanced and tasty cup of Espresso.

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The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine Technical Specifications


Stainless Steel and metal finishing and stainless steel frother.

Dimension and Weight

Machine Weight: 10 kg and 14 kg boxed weight
Machine Dimension: 29 x 37.5 x 42.5 cm
Coffee bean capacity: 250 grams
Dump Box Capacity: 13 servings
Water Tank Capacity: 2.3 liters

Technical Data

Voltage: 230 V
Wattage: 1250 W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Pump Pressure: 15 bar
Broiler: Stainless steel

Why Should You Choose the Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine?

The machine is very consistent and gives great results every time. Here are a few great benefits of purchasing:

Easy to use – The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine has all the qualities of a great coffee machine; it is uncomplicated and makes amazing coffee. The menus are very easy to follow which makes programming the machine less technical. Once the machine is programmed you can have your coffee, however you like at the touch of a button.

Easy to Clean – The machine will also let you know when it requires cleaning. Cleaning the machine is simple to do with the complement of its swivel base. You can easily access the water reservoir located at the back of the machine for a refill.

gaggia-titanium-espresso-machine_beanFast – It is much faster than traditional espresso machines, due to its rapid steam technology.

Very Convenient – It leaves no mess to clean up. Cup heater is located on top of the machine so once the machine is started you are ready to have great espresso. Adjustable spout for taller or shorter cups to prevent spills. Red button on drip tray will indicate when it is full.

Grind Adjustment – The machine has eighteen grind settings to let you get the perfect grind size. A finer grind will add more flavor to the brew, but if it is too fine it will let the coffee taste better.

Perfect Pressure – The Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine has a pump pressure of 15 bar. This is the minimum that is required for a great espresso.

Dump box – The dump box for storing coffee beans that are already grinded. It is accessible by pulling out the tray.

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Disadvantages of the Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine

The machine will work well if all instructions and maintenance schedule are followed. Ninety percent of all errors on the machine are caused by improper usage. The machine does not work well with oily beans, once you keep this in mind you should be ok. All errors listed below are caused when oily beans are used.

Bean hopper empty error – When bean hopper gets low machine sometimes indicates that the coffee bean hopper is empty even when there are beans inside. You need to refill and try grinding again. If the error persists, bean hopper will have to be removed and the grinder has to be cleaned.

Stuck Brew Unit – Brew unit will sometimes get jammed. When this happens machine will not be able to brew coffee. Brew unit will then need to be manually removed and reset before the machine can work again.


The Gaggia Titanium will make great tasting coffee at the touch of a button in a matter of seconds thanks to its dual boiler system that provides great steam power. The machine also comes equipped with eighteen grind modes, seven coffee dosage to choose from, bypass doser, LCD display, easily removable dump box and removable brew group that makes it very easy to clean or replace.

2 thoughts on “Gaggia Titanium Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review”

  1. Just received a new Titanium last night; filled with non-oily (light roast) beans, and the unit grinds for ~45 seconds then says out of beans. WT???
    The ground beans get stuck above the brew unit; some little door/hatch fails to open and the ground beans do not enter the brew unit; the unit then claims that I am out of beans despite there being a full drawer of beans and up-to 5 cups worth of ground beans stuck above the hatch that fails to open.

    Manually moved the hatch, and removed the bean grounds and the unit worked once before failing and having the same issue.

    This is an engineering failure; Gaggia should recall these miserable units. I paid $850.00 and now I cannot make a cup of coffee without fiddling with this “super-automatic” machine longer than it would take to brew a normal cup of coffee.

    Needless to say: I am not happy and would not suggest this device to anyone.


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