The Dummies’ Guide to 3 Dualit Coffee Machines

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Dualit coffee machines come with the brand’s established reputation in the world of coffee although these machines are easier to find in the UK than anywhere else. Their machines can be found at almost every possible price point. With mixed reviews from users, let’s see how this brand stacks up, as we take a look at three of their most popular machines on the market today. For an alternative you could also consider the Delonghi ECO310 or the Gaggia Carezza or Gaggia Classic Pro.

Our Pick – Dualit 3 in 1 Coffee Machine

The Good Things About this Dualit Coffee Machine

Fairly compact, good machine, versatile but a little noisy.

Firstly, out of the box, it is a compact unit, which makes it ideal for those looking for something that won’t dominate the available countertop space (it’s dimensions are 37.4 x 31.8 x 31.2 cm and it weighs 6.3 Kilograms).

Secondly, one of the big positives of this machine is that it offers great versatility in the method by which you wish to make your coffee; you can use NX capsules, ground coffee and ESE Pods. This is an innovative feature that is not often found on the market today, and therefore, is certainly something positive to consider.

Lastly, it is extremely easy to operate and no previous coffee-making knowledge is required.

The Bad

Some users have commented that the machine is quite noisy while brewing coffee. The noisiness can be an annoyance, especially if you like your coffee early in the morning, or if you serve coffee when entertaining guests. In fact, it can create such noise that some consumers have even reported their coffee cup being shaken out of the tray! Here’s a consumer video that gives you an idea.

Additionally, although one can choose to use both pods and fresh ground coffee, many users have stated that while the coffee from the pods is acceptable, the coffee that this machine makes from grounds is mediocre, at best.


If you’re after a compact unit that can use both pods and freshly ground coffee, then add this Dualit 3 in 1 coffee machine to your shortlist. Overall, however, this is a disappointing instalment from Dualit. At this price point, one does not expect top quality espressos, but one does expect to brew drinkable ones. Sadly, the negatives may outweigh the positives, and you are probably better off looking elsewhere.

This exact model is not available in the US or Australia. For those countries the link below will take you to the 4 in 1 coffee machine reviewed below.

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Runner Up – Dualit Express Auto 4 in 1 Coffee Machine

Dualit Coffee Machine

The Good about the Dualit Espresso Auto

Versatile, durable but needs filters.

The 4-in-1 functionality of this Dualit coffee machine means that it can be used with ESE pods, NX Capsules, tea leaves and freshly ground coffee. Such versatility is a huge plus for those who like to experiment and change up their coffee ritual. In addition, the machine features a very fast, thermobloc heater, which allows users to speed up the brewing process by having hot water on demand. Lastly, the machine offers a little extra height so that you can place your favorite, large mug under the nozzle. Additionally you can program the machine to remember the volume of your mug so that you get an exact refill every time.

The Bad

Although the machine works flawlessly with capsules, when it comes to ground coffee it leaves much to be desired. The machine requires that you use filters, which is not explained until you get to the manual pages of the product. Only 20 filters are included in the box, so it’s highly recommended to purchase more if you intend to use ground coffee. Failure to use filters will result in the malfunctioning and clogging of your machine.


The Dualit 4-in-1 coffee machine is a machine designed with versatility and convenience in mind. If you’re after a good cup of coffee on demand, and enjoy changing up different beans and capsules, this machine is certainly worth a look at!

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Third place – Dualit Espressivo Coffee Machine DCMX2

Dualit Espressivo – The Good

Well designed, noisy but compact.

Users of this Dualit coffee machine often comment on how good it looks. It’s certainly an aesthetically pleasing appliance and takes up only a small amount of precious countertop space. Overall, users report that it is quite solidly built and that there is nothing flimsy about its construction. Another big benefit is that the Espressivo coffee machine produces a great cup of coffee ─ however, as always, the beans do matter ─ which one would assume is what you are looking for in a coffee machine!

The Bad

The biggest drawback of this Dualit Machine is that it is quite noisy. Most machines generate quite a bit of noise, however, this one can become unacceptably loud. Secondly, the cup warming function is disappointing ─ you have to leave your cup there for hours to warm it properly, and you are probably better off using boiling water. Finally, the included tamper is rather useless, as it is flimsy and smaller than the hole─you would be better off investing in a real one.


This Dualit Espressivo Coffee Machine is occupying space in a highly competitive market. While it does not do a big deal to set itself apart from the pack, if you can live with the noise, it is a decent machine that is sure to impress the less experienced coffee enthusiast. However, when compared to the Dualit 3 in 1 (model 84440) which is around half the price, we really can’t see the value in this more expensive machine.

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