Dolce Gusto Circolo Play & Select Review

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I like coffee and I buy coffee from coffee shop nearly every day. After waiting several minutes in line at my favorite café I order the coffee, usually cappuccino. My stomach rumbles. I watch the staff grab a cup and place it under the cappuccino dispenser. The hot beverage pours as steam blows out the cup’s top. The smell of the coffee beans grinding as it combines with hot water fills my nostrils. The cappuccino’s aroma is alluring as my taste buds wait for the charming, sweet, and delightful beverage. I enjoy my cappuccino every single time, but something interrupts the passionate experience – the cost, as my wallet malnourished from the constant drink purchasing. This is why I bought myself a pod coffee machine. With the Dolce Gusto Circolo I can enjoy as many cappuccinos and other warm drinks for a cheaper price.

The Basic Features of Dolce Gusto Circolo


The Dolce Gusto Circolo offers several features that will give the desired beverage. The first is the 15 bar pump that forces water through the fine grain of beans, increasing the surface area through extraction, so the texture, flavor and mixture comes out favorable. The second is the LED lit dial system that helps decide how much water is pumped through a pod. The scroll wheel accompanies the dial system as it gives the recommended dosage on the capsule, allowing further customization of your beverage. The product comes with a pod tray that locks the cup (glass) into place and catches excess beverage minimizing clean up.

The Dolce Gusto Circolo comes with three buttons; the power, hot and cold buttons that will allow to diversify beverage creation from lattes to coffee in mere seconds. Have you ever encountered the problem of coffee and other prepared drinks overfilling and running over? What mess! The product comes with a stainless steel drip tray that is height adjustable, so it catches both excess water in the tank and overfilled cups. The drip tray is both easily removable and dishwasher safe, along with the capsule holder. The only downside is that it includes a non-dishwasher safe tank. Though, the positive is that the tank is 44 fluid ounces, and both easily removable and washable.

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Instant Hot Water

What sets the Dolce Gusto Circolo apart from other coffee and espresso machines is that it requires to pre-heating, so that means no wait. The product comes with aluminum thermoblock technology that pulses water through the pump into a super-heated block to create steam. The heating of the product to help create the preferred beverage is between 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The product has an energy saving program installed as it automatically shuts off either after twenty minutes of inactivity, or after it’s done creating the beverage.

Dolce Gusto Circolo

The Dolce Gusto Circolo used to be available in black, red and white however anything other than black is now hard to find. Now, is the 120 volt, 9 pound futuristic-looking coffee machine worth its buck? The product that comes with a two year warranty and runs on a 1500w is priced at $149.95; however, on sites like Amazon it’s only $134.63 including free shipping.

While some customers complain that the product is expensive they do claim it works more effectively than a Genio. A knockback for the Dolce Gusto Circolo is the water tanks are both difficult to access and see, so when it comes to refilling for constant drinkers or a party this could be a problem. The upside is that it’s been claimed by customers to create beverages incredibly fast as opposed to other machines.

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