DeLonghi EC860 Dedica Cappuccino Machine Review

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The Delonghi EC860 Cappuccino Machine is from the leading brand DeLonghi which has brought us different models of pump espresso and bean to cup coffee machines comes another state-of-the-art coffee appliance that will definitely cater to our caffeine related needs and satisfy the inner baristas in all of us heavy-duty coffee drinkers. The Delonghi EC860 Cappuccino Machine is a total all in one, stainless-steel coffee machine with milk frother. It has the combined power of a semi-automatic paired with the autonomy of a super automatic.

In contrast to most of the other beginner-level espresso / cappuccino machines, the EC860 integrates in itself an automatic cappuccino system that foams the milk and pulls your coffee shots right into your mug. When you are ready to advance to a higher level where you yourself decide to craft your own frothy beverages, this smart coffee machine’s transposable traditional steam wand can help you feel like the perfect barista, all in the comfort of your home.

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Outstanding Features and Functionality of DeLonghi EC860 Dedica Cappuccino Machine

Impressive automatic cappuccino system

The DeLonghi EC860 cappuccino machine with milk frother boasts of such features and functionality that will surely give other leading cappuccino machine brands a run for their money. For one thing, it shows off a wonderful automatic cappuccino system that can totally give you the ability to create your much loved caffeinated drinks with just a simple push button operation.

Here’s how the magic works: the ensuite milk carafe will steam, and then froth your milk, and finally dispense it all right into your cup, without having the extra need for you to haul a bit of a spare muscle to help out with the process.
Delonghi EC860 cappuccino machine

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Delonghi EC860 Cappuccino Machine has a Programmable Menu

We coffee aficionados, more often than we care to admit, certainly have this inner barista in us that wants to practice his skills in beverage making – something that can be made into a reality by the EC860’s traditional steam wand that at the same time produces the hot water for your cup or afternoon tea or steamy Americano. This DeLonghi machine also brags of a programmable menu, wherein you can select your choice of programming not just one, but three coffee temperature according to your liking and depending on the drink you are making.

The DeLonghi EC860’s portafilter is suitable for use of both your choice of ground coffee and ESE (or Easy Serving Espresso) capsules which can be used interchangeably depending on your beverage need, with the use of the pods providing way for a quicker drink preparation and easy clean up after. It also sports a 35-ounce filtered water reservoir which is removable, and includes as built in water filter that produces clean, crisp, and virtually odourless drinking water for your ideal shots.

Improved stainless steel casing

One of the many fine things about the DeLonghi EC860 cappuccino machine is that it is nothing like its previous plastic iterations, as now it has been improved to a more aesthetically satisfying stainless steel casing, and that now it sports a more compact fit that will let you fit this ‘small in size but not in quality’ coffee machine anywhere at all with no qualms about the size of your kitchen. It has also gone hybrid – you can choose whether to steam your milk using the steam wand or with the milk carafe. A simple tip: run the clean cycle first when using the automatic milk frother to get hotter milk.

delonghi ec860 cappuccino machine

Overall assessment of the Delonghi EC860 Cappuccino Machine

The DeLonghi EC860 cappuccino machine is definitely the machine for you if what you are looking for is a cost effective and convenient way to make delicious espresso and cappuccino, without having to leave the comforts of home, as it has been dubbed as one of the best semi-automatic latte, cappuccino and espresso makers you can get off the market at present. With a lot of features like the automatic cappuccino system, steam wand and programmable menu, this machine definitely combines the semi-automatic and superautomatic classes into a single, remarkable one stop coffee maker.

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The EC860’s comparatively petite 35-ounce water reservoir makes the machine more suited for personal home use rather than in a commercial setting, and even though it is possible for you to make a total of around 30 espresso shots with the single fill of the water reservoir, it might not totally survive in the demands of a typical commercial environment. This coffee machine uses single boiler and heat exchanger mechanisms to heat the water – meaning that it cannot be able to produce numerous cups of coffee in just a couple of minutes. Those in need of a high quality espresso maker for their own home can’t go wrong in choosing to go with the DeLonghi EC860.

The DeLonghi EC860 rates more than average in terms of ease of use, ease of machine care and maintenance, and overall value for your money, combining great functionality with state of the art materials that enables it to brew you delicious caffeinated beverages in a more convenient and easy way. Especially for those who can’t stand firm against an irresistible offer of the rich taste and aroma of espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, the EC860 will be a gem, as this coffee maker is capable of giving you delicious caffeinated drinks with practically no need of tweaking any settings – all that you need is a good coffee bean grinder and a period of time to get yourself familiar with the machine’s knobs and buttons to enjoy your choice drinks whenever you wish it.

The EC860’S stainless steel unit casing provides another major advantage, since not like the other plastic made DeLonghi espresso machines, this has a powerful construction made from the best material available on the market, which guarantees that the machine will be able to retain heat really well while at the same time being resistant against the possibility of corrosion.  Plus, being the compact coffee maker the EC860 is, you can just practically place it anywhere as it fits in any place within your kitchen space.

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Small disadvantages, on the other hand, also consists the EC860, such as issues about the controls being a bit unintuitive at first especially to those who are beginners to the part of the world that is the making of espresso.  So as to take full utility of all the DeLonghi EC860’s features, it is imperative for users to read the instructions that come with the package. You may think of it as a little bothersome, but in the long run it is definitely worth the time as after perusing the manual you will be able to make and enjoy your perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino.

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