DeLonghi Combi Coffee Machine Review

There is a new type of coffee machine on the scene that is generating quite a lot of hype, the combination coffee machine. This innovative machine allows the user to brew both drip coffee and espresso coffee with the one unit. Apparently, on the surface, these all-in-one machines look like the ideal solution for those who like both types of brewing method. However, are they worth the hype that they are creating in the world of coffee? Let’s take a look at some of renowned manufacturer DeLonghi’s most popular combination machines and see if combination machines are the way forward.

DeLonghi BC0330T Combination Machine

The Good
The DeLonghi Combi BC0330T is impressive at first glance; the designers at Delonghi, renowned for their eye-catching designs, have developed this machine. Automation is one big plus of this machine, and you can produce your espressos and filter coffee at the touch of a button, which is suitable for new comers to the coffee scene. Unfortunately, there is not too much else positive to say about the DeLonghi Bc0330T.

The Bad
Coming from a company with such a proud tradition, the Combi BC0330T is nothing short of a total disappointment. The majority of customers are attracted by the promise of having both espresso and drip coffee. However, they find that after a few months of operation that the machine ceases to work.

For the price that DeLonghi asks for this machine, it is genuinely one of the worst values available on the market today. While you may be lucky and have success in getting a “good one” as some customers have reported, paying for a coffee machine should not be about taking a gamble on whether or not you get a decent functioning machine or weather you get a malfunctioning, broken one. With such a good idea behind the product, it’s a real shame to see it fail so spectacularly in the execution and manufacturing process.

Great idea but terrible execution, and it is recommended that you consider the purchase of this machine by weighing the pros vs. cons.

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DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Coffee Machine

The Good
The DeLonghi BCO320 seems to improve somewhat on its mate’s abysmal performance; it offers users some brewing convenience. One nice feature is that users can pause the brewing process while it is in the middle of brewing, meaning they don’t have to wait until it is finished to enjoy a cup. It has a convenient, auto-shutoff feature that means you won’t have to worry about starting a fire if you are groggy in the morning and forget to switch it off. The quality of the brew for both espresso and drip coffee is acceptable, and should please the majority of palates.

The Bad
Unfortunately, the DeLonghi BCO320 carries a much higher price tag than other 10-cup drip coffee makers do. Given that this machine can also make espressos, one would expect a higher price tag. However, many users feel that it is a bit too much to ask for the option of both brew methods. Similar to the BC0330T model, many users have complained about its rather poor build quality and exceptionally short lifespan. Additionally, a significant number of consumers have reported that their machine has lasted less than 6 months due to some inevitable breakdown in its functioning.

One can find a higher quality construction and more convenience at lower prices.

DeLonghi BCO420/430 Combination Coffee Machine

The Good
If you were just about to give up on DeLonghi and their disastrous combination of machines, don’t leave just as of yet. Although this machine is more expensive than both the BCO320 and the BCO330, the difference between them is night and day.

The stainless steel construction is high-grade and is built to last, unlike the other combination machines. It has a high-volume, removable water tank that is an easy to clean. One of the best features is its 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to brew your coffee at pre-determined times. Lastly, the manufacturers have incorporated an active carbon filtration system that ensures that the water used in the brewing process is of the highest, impurity-free quality. Users report that both the espresso and drip coffee are of a high standard, taste wise.

The Bad
The BCO330 has a functioning milk frother, but for some bizarre reason, the people at DeLonghi have neglected to include a frothing cup with the machine. Such an oversight creates an unnecessary hassle for those who would like frothed milk in their coffee and is a shame when the rest of the setup and brewing process is so pain-free. Additionally, it would have been nice to see the addition of a grinder to this machine to fully streamline the whole process from bean to cup.

With the BC0430, DeLonghi has thankfully managed to bring their combination machine ideas to the market in the form of a great product. It’s genuinely hard to believe this machine is from the same company that puts its name on the previous two units. Built from high-grade stainless steel, this machine takes the best of drip coffee and the best of espresso and combines them into a convenient, one-stop solution. If it’s a quality combination machine you’re after, forget the previous two machines, the extra money for this one is worth it.

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DeLonghi BCO264B Combination Coffee Machine

The Good
The DeLonghi BCO264B utilizes the company’s patented “Accuflavour” technology that allows users to choose the strength of their coffee and adjust it to their liking. The machine offers good versatility and can produce the majority of popular, café-style drinks, such as cappuccinos, and lattes. Users report that quality of the coffee form the DeLonghi BCO264B is above average and that its brew consistency is quite good.

The Bad
Disappointingly, just like the BCO330T and the BCO320T models, the DeLonghi BCO264B has a poor build quality. The primarily plastic construction looks and feels cheap, and many users have been outraged at the manufacturing quality that they receive for the price DeLonghi is asking for. Furthermore, a large number of users have reported that the machine has failed to function properly after a few months of use.

Another wonderful idea rendered useless by DeLonghi failing to use quality components in the construction of their machines. We feel that money can be better spent elsewhere.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the DeLonghi combination machines are a disappointment with the exception of the BCO430. The poor build quality of the BCO330T, BCO320T and the BCO264 models is what makes an otherwise decent product, regarding features and function, frankly, terrible.

The most frustrating thing is that BCO430 is, by all accounts, an incredible machine. Also, whatever stopped the people at DeLonghi from using the same build quality protocols for the other combination machines, is a real mystery. If you are thinking about a DeLonghi combination machine, be sure you choose the BCO430, as it’s a quality machine that might be just right for you.

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