A lot to love about the DeLonghi Automatic Espresso Machine – Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Review

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Bean to cup coffee machines (also known as super automatic coffee machines or automatic coffee machines) grind the coffee beans and then afterwards run hot water through the grounds before dispensing your drink – in short, these are just pump espresso makers that have built in grinders in them so that it grinds the beans on the spot for a richer, more flavourful cup of coffee. With the many coffee machine brands today that are currently manufacturing bean to cup coffee machines and making us slaves to the tyranny of too many choices, we add our thoughts on the DeLonghi Automatic Espresso Machine Caffe Corso, which has been stealing some of the limelight of the coffee machine show.

Outstanding Features of the DeLonghi Automatic Espresso Machine 

Elegant look

For those who do not only want quality coffee at a drop of a hat but also to show off what an amazing coffee machine enables you to enjoy the excellent beverage that you deserve, the ESAM2800 may just be the right bean to cup machine for you. With its classically elegant silver and black finish, you would probably never stop making cup after cup of delicious cappuccino – or whatever drink you way want that this machine can offer. Make your drinks even more special with the traditional milk frother that gives your brew the perfect blend.

delonghi automatic espresso machine ESAM2800

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Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Precise steam control

With this DeLonghi automatic espreesso machine, you can use either fresh coffee beans of your choice or ground coffee, and because the amount of coffee and water can be accustomed according to your choice, you can make every drink you make an individually tailored cup of coffee. This coffee machine also sports an electronic steam and coffee thermostat for a more precise steam control and the brewing unit is removable to enable super easy cleaning to ensure that your Caffe Corso will provide you at all times great quality coffee.

Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine Settings and control

The Caffe Corso sports a 1.8-litre capacity removable water tank and a high performance pressure of 15 bar, and a wonderful automatic decalcification. The machine’s settings have control of the fortress of the coffee, which is at the same time also in command of adjusting the water temperature (you can choose how hot you want your beverage to be) and the pre-wetting. On the other hand, it has no manometer and does not have the luxury of a time, but it does include an automatic power off.

Seven adjustable coarseness setting and a strength selector

This machine sports a built in coffee bean burr grinder with seven adjustable coarseness setting and a strength selector, wherein you can fiddle with the consistency of the grind and has an overall maximum capacity for grains of 200 grams. Another remarkable thing about the Caffe Corso is that you can choose to prepare two cups of your choice beverage at the same time. Moreover, there is an option for you to make a superb cup of your favourite cappuccino – though it has to be through the manual operation process.  Other beverage options that you can prepare with the Caffe Corso aside from cappuccino and espresso are latte and Americano.


The unit’s main material used for the housing is plastic and weighs approximately 9 kilograms. It has a water level indicator to easily see if the water needs replenishing or not just yet. The Caffe Corso features a fuser heater type, a power saving function and a unit width of 28 centimetres.

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Automatic shut-off

The machine also has an automatic shut-off mechanism that turns your unit off after a pre-set amount of time has elapsed, and because it’s not just for coffee but for the preparation of other non-caffeine drinks as well, it features an adjustable steam emission and hot water for your fruit or herbal tea drinks.

Advanced boiler system

The THERMOBLOCK or the advanced boiler system is specialized to give you all time perfect espresso – even after preparing one or two cups, it will always be the same perfect temperature all throughout. Even the height of the coffee dispenser is adjustable – which means you can easily accommodate both teeny espresso size cups and full sized monster mugs, depending on the drink you prepare. The rinse and decalcification automatic programming shows the water hardness of your area.

But if the abovementioned features of the DeLonghi automatic espresso machine still haven’t caught your nod of approval that it is indeed a specially remarkable bean to cup coffee machine, then maybe what follows will.

Compact Reliable Fresh technology

This machine has the CRF or Compact Reliable Fresh technology, which means that it features a compact, tubeless system. So how does this work? Simple – the coffee beans are ground right away, and that is why the tubeless system guarantees a perfect cup of coffee all the time, with a great aroma and always at the ideal temperature. And as the brewing unit can be removed completely, cleaning the inside parts of the machine has never been so easy – even in the areas that are more often than not difficult to reach.

Special instant reheat function

The Caffe Corso also has a special instant reheat function, which heats the core of the machine and ensure that the unit is at the ideal temperature at all times for espresso, no matter how long it has been since your last cup.

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Our verdict on the Delonghi Automatic Espresso Machine Caffe Corso

DeLonghi had always been and still remains to be among the top manufacturers of amazing coffee machine products, and you can always be assured that your Delonghi automatic espresso machine – Caffe Corso model, will at all times deliver you the great cup of coffee you truly deserve whatever time of the day you would like to take a sip. So, is this undeniably the perfect coffee machine to help coffee buffs jumpstart your day? That may just be right.

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