Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine Review

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Over the past decades, technology has improved immensely and the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine is a shining example. That’s why we’ve given it 5 stars.

Our Overall Rating

With nothing to do except choose your beans and the type of coffee you want, we can see why the Oracle was so named. It knows how to produce a barista style coffee in your home.

From manual labour, we went to automatic and high tech innovations that made our lives easier. One of these great inventions is coffee makers; before that it used to take time boiling/brewing coffee. But now, you can drink almost any coffee creation within minutes with just a simple touch of a button.

What about the taste I hear you asking? Is there a difference between a manually brewed coffee vs one from an automated machine? We’ve considered all of the information from real users of this machine to give you all the information you’ll need to decide if this is an investment worth making.

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Is the Breville Oracle Worth the Money ?

breville coffee machine breville oracle coffee machine

Let’s get this question out of the way – the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Coffee Machine will change your life. For us, it’s well worth every cent of it’s $2,500 price tag. A big claim ?

This is a machine that allows us to have our coffee and drink it too! The Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Maker automates the entire brewing process while still allowing users to add their own personal touches. You can choose from many pre set drink options on the sliding screen display (a significant upgrade from the original Oracle).


White Glove Service Available in some Countries but the Oracle Manual is Good

In some countries including Australia, you can get the Breville White Glove Service if you want your own personalised educational session on how to set it up and get the most out of it). Either way, you’ll be producing fresh hot coffee in no time!

It was the first super automatic coffee maker. But the clever people at Breville have managed to still ensure the coffee produced is rich and has a full-bodied taste. The Oracle is easy to use once you know how – for full instructions here’s a handy link to the Oracle Manual.

This coffee maker takes over the sometimes hard processes of manually making an espresso automatic. It grinds the beans, doses the correct amount to avoid wastage and tamps the ground coffee beans automatically. It also textures milk in a matter of minutes or less.

Compare the Breville Oracle Touch and the Barista Touch / Barista Express Pro

One difference between the Oracle Touch and the Barista Express Pro is that the Oracle Touch automatically tamps the ground coffee.

The Barista Express Pro and Barista Touch make you do this step yourself but each is about $1,500 less than the Oracle (there are other significant differences – have a look at our full review of the Barista Express Pro here). So know what features are important to you before you click on that “Buy now” button!

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Breville Oracle Touch – Full of Innovative Features

The Oracle has a lot of innovative features and useful features including:

  • a huge capacity water tank – it takes up to 67 oz (2 litres) of water – a great bonus for a large family or those that do lots of entertaining
  • the water tank has built in filtration ensuring the water you are using is pure and doesn’t detract from the flavor of your chosen bean
  • removable water reservoir – easy to clean and refill
  • huge bean hopper taking 1/2 lb (250 grams) of your favorite beans – enough for about 25 espresso shots

Automatic Grinding of Your Favorite Coffee Beans – Built In Convenience

Breville Oracle Touch Grinder

The Oracle Touch is a versatile coffee maker that offers the convenience of grinding your own beans while also allowing you to use pre-ground coffee.

Its built sturdy in heavy duty stainless steel and features a conical burr grinder that can produce 18 different grind sizes, from coarse to fine.

So whatever kind of bean you prefer or grounds you want to use, they are available. This saves you from having to have a separate coffee grinder to store, clean and use to get really freshly ground coffee. If you don’t have time for all this effort then it’s okay because there is an option where you won’t need to do any manual labor at all by just using already ground up coffee instead which saves me money and energy!

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Effective Heat Control with a Dual Boiler and Triple Heat System

Breville Oracle Touch Dual Boiler

This coffee maker’s espresso boiler also has PID technology in order to extract the espresso shot to within plus or minus 1 degree C of your chosen temperature.

In addition, this machine’s stainless steel dual boilers have a triple heat system and will ensure that it extracts continuously without interruption for all those great coffees you want!

With this coffee maker, you can make a perfect espresso with the touch of a button. It’s also designed to perfectly texturize your milk for frothy cappuccinos and lattes! And to save time, can do so at the simultaneously – no waiting in between pulling the shot and frothing the milk.

The Oracle Touch Espresso Coffee Machine’s Over Pressure Valve limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction process, preventing bitter tastes from forming in its mixture. Its adjustable therma-coil heating system has a temperature control that you can easily and readily adjust to fit your preference for optimum performance.

Fancy a Latte, Cappuccino or Americano?

heston oracle milk

Your hot beverages are kicked up a delicious notch with the high power milk frothing arm that comes with this coffee maker.

A couple of peripherals also come along, such as single and double filter baskets for brewing espresso or your favorite ground beans, 480 ml stainless steel jug used to create creamy steam for cappuccinos ,and cleaning kit make it easier to clean after use .

Not only can you make amazing lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites, this coffee maker provides instant hot water to make long black coffees and Americanos. It’s also easy to clean, making it a great companion for busy individuals with little time on their hands!

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The Major Downsides of the Oracle

Now, let us look into the major downsides of purchasing this coffee maker since every machine out there in the market has its own flaws.

Issue One:

There are a few downsides to the Breville Oracle Touch. The first is that some people find it’s hard to set up and operate. In some countries, if you purchase this product they’ll send over their white glove service team who will help you get started right away! If that isn’t available to you, most people seem to find the instructional videos available online easy enough to follow.

If you are feeling a bit independent though and don’t want to avail of the service, the comprehensible manual and starter’s guide will help you optimize the features of your coffee maker on your own.

Issue number two:

So for some, the price of this machine will be a downside. At around $2,500 it is not cheap. However, with all the things that it can do, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy making coffee with this coffee machine. This coffee machine has everything you need to make a perfect cup of joe. It also comes with an induction heating system that heats up your water in just 15 seconds, so there’s no waiting around for the kettle!

Issue number three:

Another flaw of this coffee maker is the very thin and soft metal finish. The easily tarnished surface makes it necessary to handle with care or you risk leaving dents, scrapes, or even ruining your machine altogether!

Final Thoughts on the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

A few tips to achieve the best espresso: make sure that you use fresh and quality coffee beans. Even if you have a powerful coffee maker, your not going to get great tasting espresso with bad beans.

With all of this machine’s features and specs, the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Coffee Machine is really an upgrade from its counterparts in price range, features, output and it looks nice too! With high-quality coffee beans and this amazing espresso machine, you can make the best tasting espressos.

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