AeroPress vs. French Press

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Updated: March 12th, 2021

The AeroPress and French Press are both used to brew coffee from ground coffee beans by applying pressure to immerse coffee with a pump.

Although the process to brew the coffee are similar, the procedures and the taste of the coffee produced by the coffee makers are different.

The coffee grind that is used to brew coffee in the French Press is much coarser than the grind used in the AeroPress coffee maker. Each coffee maker is designed to produce different results after the coffee is brewed.

Difference in Coffee Taste and Quality

In my opinion the taste and quality of the coffee brewed, will separate the good coffee makers from the great coffee makers. Both the AeroPress and the French Press are capable of brewing an excellent cup of coffee.

The length of time it takes to brew coffee in the AeroPress is significantly shorter that the time taken to brew coffee in the French Press.

The French Press

Water is added to the grounds in the French Press and left for two to four minutes to seep. The coffee brewed in the French Press has a higher caffeine content and taste a little bitter due to the length of time the coffee grounds stay in the water.

The filter that is used in the French Press is not as fine as the paper filter used in the AeroPress, therefore, the coffee has more flavor, oils and there are a lot of fine coffee grounds in the coffee.

I love high flavor coffee with a little oil from the beans in my cup, but I am not a fan of coffee sediments in my drink. The sediments that are left over when using the French Press is not a big deal, but as a coffee lover, I like drinking everything in my cup to the last drop.

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The AeroPress

The AeroPress works similarly to an espresso machine, by using pressure to extract maximum flavor from the coffee grounds.

The coffee maker will not produce the same results as an authentic espresso drink made by an espresso machine, mainly due to the difference in pressure applied. Once the required amount of coffee grounds are inside the press and water is added, put on the filter and I am ready to get brewing.

The coffee produced in the AeroPress tastes a lot smoother and more concentrated than coffee produced by a French Press. The water is pressed through coffee grounds and is then filtered using a paper filter that removes all fine coffee grounds and oils from the finished drink.

Another great feature the AeroPress makers offer is the option of purchasing a metal mesh filter similar to that in the French Press. This metal filter will give similar results in the taste and quality of the coffee as that of the French Press.

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Ease of Use

The AeroPress is very easy to use, but setting up the coffee maker is not as easy.

It takes a little more time to set up the AeroPress than it takes for the French Press. When preparing coffee with the AeroPress, the water is pressed through the coffee grounds, then the filter and directly into my cup.

While with the French Press as the plunger is pressed down the coffee raises to the top of the carafe as the filter separates the coffee grounds from the coffee.


The AeroPress

The AeroPress cleans up very easily, and with my busy schedule, this is a bonus. When I am done brewing my coffee, I simply discard the paper filter and hand wash with soap and warm water.

The AeroPress coffee maker is safe to go on the top shelf of the dishwasher, I prefer washing it by hand as I find it easier to do.

The French Press

The carafe of the French Press can be washed by hands or placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Cleaning the filter is the most complicated part when washing the French Press after using.

It can be very difficult to clean the coffee grounds off the filter in the coffee maker. When the filter is not cleaned properly, the coffee does not taste as good.


Both coffee makers are portable, however, based on its size, built and weight, I am giving the AeroPress coffee maker the edge over the French Press coffee maker. Although they are portable, I have to find a way to get hot water for my coffee beverage.


The AeroPress

The AeroPress coffee maker in its entirety (except for rubber seal) is made of polypropylene. The material used to make the rubber seal is thermoplastic elastomer. These materials together makes for a sturdy, well put together coffee maker that will, most importantly, not break.

The French Press

There are several manufacturers of French Presses. A majority of these carafe is made from glass and there are a few that are made from stainless steel. Once the glass carafe is handled properly, they will last for a long time. Although the stainless steel carafe are more durable, I prefer to use the French Presses made from glass. I find is fascinating to watch what is going on while I am brewing my coffee.


The AeroPress without spoon, stirrer and other items in package weighs under ½ pounds. The overall weight of the entire packaging is approximately 2/3 of a pound.

The French Press on the other hand, weighs 1 pound to 2 pounds.


I have used both the French Press and AeroPress, both coffee makers will produce excellent quality coffee beverages, each with its unique taste and flavor.

If you are an espresso lover, the AeroPress is the way to go; for the caffeine lovers and if you prefer regular coffee beverage, the French Press will meet all your requirements.

I find the AeroPress to be more portable, produce coffee a lot faster with more concentration and smoothness. The AeroPress is ideal to brew coffee for my espresso based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, when I do not have access to an espresso machine.

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