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Each member of our team has a true desire for and abiding love of Coffee – nothing less will do. Our aim is simple – to pour you all (our treasured readers) the BEST coffee inspired recipes; the latest coffee news; up to date coffee machine and equipment reviews and how to’s; our coffee experiences (and yours if you feel like sharing) and information on where this amazing little bean will take us all next.
So grab your mug and settle in. Explore our site, learn about your secret love and feed your desire to experience coffee in more ways than you might have toyed with in the past.
Hi, my name is Sandra Bacchus and I love coffee which is why I put this site together.
I’m not an expert at growing coffee beans. I’ve never trained as a barista. BUT I do know a good coffee when I taste one! My super power is online research !!
But I can’t do it alone, which is why I’ve put together a team of people who also love researching and writing about coffee. More and more friends started asking me to recommend coffee machines to them. Which is why I thought I’d share my research with everyone.

Personally, I love a strong espresso, or if I’m feeling indulgent, a cappuccino. So I take all the work out of finding the perfect coffee machine or coffee-related product for you. Thanks for visiting! Sandra

Best Coffee Machines

21 Dec 2013

Francis Francis illy X7 1 iperEspresso Machine Review – Love it or Hate it?

The Francis Francis illy X7 1 is actually a 2011 update of the original X7 where illy advertises having decreased initial heating time as well as the time it takes…
15 Mar 2015

Tassimo suny (T32) coffee machine review (Bosch TAS3202GB)

The Design Updated: June 20, 2021- Just so you know, if you click on a product on our site and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.…
22 Sep 2014

De’Longhi BCO410 Combi Coffee Machine Review

Updated: March 13th, 2021 I have always been a fan of De’Longhi products because they are guaranteed to conquer the test of time. So when my husband and I wanted…

Best Manual Coffee Makers

31 Mar 2015

10 Great Ways to Brew Coffee You Wish You Tried Earlier

No two cups of coffee are ever the same. Read on to find out 10 great ways to brew coffee for a more satisfying coffee brewing and drinking experience! We…
18 May 2015

AeroPress vs. French Press

The AeroPress vs French Press debate has gone on for many years. Both are used to brew coffee from ground coffee beans by applying pressure to immerse coffee with a…
30 Mar 2017

The Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

The French press coffee makers were first invented by Attilio Calimani in 1929. Because of their ability to prepare the finest coffee from coffee beans, French press coffee makers gained…

Machine Accessories

23 Aug 2014

The best selling coffee grinder reviews

Updated: March 13th, 2021 A lot of users have asked me which ground coffee should they pick. To be honest, I don’t prefer pre-ground coffee and I only use them…
27 Mar 2017

7 of the Best Coffee Pod Holders

Since more and more of us are looking to capsules as a convenient way to make our morning coffee (or whenever), the way that we store our capsules has become…
Josh (Java) Thomas
03 Apr 2017

7 Best Thermo Cups for Your Hot Coffee

We all want that hot cup of coffee in the morning but what do you do when you have to rush out? No worries, because you can easily store your…

milk frothers

08 Jan 2014

The 3 best filter coffee machines for home

Coffee is enjoyed both hot and cold and it is a beverage which knows no language, color or race. Everyone enjoys it and without it, the world would be a…
02 Mar 2015

Gaggia/Saeco Milk Island – Milk Frother Review

If you want to achieve that five-star milk froth in your homemade lattes and cappuccinos then you should consider using the Gaggia / Saeco Milk Island milk frother. [maxbutton id="2"…
02 Mar 2015

Full Review of Delonghi EN520 Nespresso Lattissima Touch and EN750 Nespresso Lattissima Pro

The Nespresso Lattissima series include the Nespresso Lattissima Touch and Nespresso Lattissima Pro. These are 2 pod coffee machines which give you everything you need to make amazing cappuccinos and…

We all love coffee. Especially in the morning, a cup of coffee can always get me going. At first you might be satisfied with instant coffee, but sooner or later you will want something taste better and more stylish, and you will start looking at brewing coffee with coffee ground and a coffee maker. 


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